Local dentist to offer free ‘life changing’ gift

Grand Dental seeks nominees to receive braces

“We will be changing someone’s life by giving away a free set of braces for the holidays,” said Ron Riebschleger, DDS, owner of Grand Dental Care in downtown Rockford.

Riebschleger said the business gives away plenty of free services in an unofficial way throughout the year and wanted to do this officially. He is seeking nominations for a person from the ages of 8 to 80 who could use the service, valued at over $5,000.

“As part of being a general dentist, we are able to offer many services in addition to providing braces that specialists do not offer,” Riebschleger said.

Many specialists choose to send their braces patients to another office for general dental work, but general dentists such as Riebschleger can provide the braces in addition to providing cleanings, fillings, extractions and other dental services. This saves their patients lots of time and money. When needed, Riebschleger still occasionally calls in the services of a local specialist.

“Charity starts at home,” Riebschleger said.

His business, which celebrates its 20th year this holiday season, is doing well and Riebschleger wanted to do something more to give back to the community. Braces are expensive, and many people cannot afford them—even the ones lucky enough to have dental insurance. He emphasizes that the benefits of having properly aligned teeth are much more than just a pretty smile.

“We’ve seen it hundreds of times,” Riebschleger stated. “We see people go from shy and embarrassed to confident and happy, leading to better grades, a better job, a better quality of life.”

Braces are not just for aesthetics, either. A correct bite helps a person avoid Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) problems and the associated headaches—literally. A correct bite also ensures better overall gum health. Straight teeth and correct occlusion lead to cleaner and healthier mouths as well as to better overall health.

“The latest science says irritation or inflammation of the gums leads to increased chances of serious health problems such as diabetes and stroke,” Riebschleger noted.

He would like people wanting to nominate someone for consideration for the free braces to write one to two paragraphs about how they could benefit from having braces and, if possible, include a photo of that person smiling. Nominations should be sent to Grand Dental Care, 15 N. Monroe St., Rockford, MI 49341. People can also submit the information online by going to granddentalcare.com and look for the link.

Grand Dental Care is the yellow Victorian building with the giant neon toothbrush in the window. For more information, call the office at (616) 866-3333.

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