The Squire introduces Carrie Yeomans

Carrie Yeomans has been with the Squire the longest time of our current sales team. Her territory is downtown Rockford and Belmont. Those who know her appreciate her unflappable professionalism and genuine caring for her partners in business. At the Squire we are thrilled to be able to work with Carrie and enjoy the many qualities she brings to the office and to our lives as well. The following is Carrie’s biography. Thanks for being part of our team.

I was born and raised in Belding and attended high school there. After graduation I moved to the Greenville area and am still located there.

I have been married for 18 years and I have four children, all grown now. I worked part time jobs when I was raising them and enjoyed being home with them the majority of the time.

It was after they all graduated that my husband said “now that you have done the hardest job in the world (by some peoples standards) so why don’t you take it easy and get a full time job!” That is when I started working at the Rockford Squire. I will celebrate my four year anniversary here this year.

I started in the northern territory of Rockford, including Cedar Springs, Greenville and Sparta. But I have since taken over the central Rockford territory. I have had to make myself a rule to never carry money with me when I am out visiting my accounts because there are too many temptations out there. It would be easy to spend more than I make as I visit the wonderful shops, restaurants and businesses who are in my area. I enjoy walking around town and visiting with my clients.

By being available to my customers visually and by phone, I want to be able to help them get the word out to the community to help their businesses succeed and grow.

Many times they let me know how well they did with their ad and it makes me glad that I’m a part of the Rockford Squire. We work diligently to deliver a superior product and I think we accomplish that . After all, we didn’t get to be the Rockford hometown newspaper for 140 years any other way.

I enjoy gardening  and home decorating. We have a summer cottage on Horeshoe Lake in Six Lakes and I enjoy spending my weekends there in the summer. I became a grandmother in 2009 and am enjoying that very much.

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