Kayaks for rent at Rogue River Rentals

Owners of the downtown resale boutique Double Take, Steve and Cindy Palmreuter, are taking on a new venture: a rental business. The vision for Rogue River Rentals is one that is very much in tune with what Cindy has dubbed “the Rockford experience.” The Palmreuters have purchased several kayaks so far and plan to launch the new business, Rogue River Rentals LLC, in early spring.

“This was a no-brainer with our location being right on the river and the bike trail,” said Palmreuter.

Other potential future rentals may include bikes and paddleboats, as well as remote-controlled boats, beach chairs and picnic equipment for enjoying Rockford’s many Garden Park events.

“From our special events driven by the Rockford Chamber and the City of Rockford, to our quaint retail businesses, Rockford encapsulates small-town America,” commented Palmreuter. “People come to Rockford for the whole experience… the sights, the sounds, the food, and the casual shopping, just to name a few. People come into Double Take and ask me on any given Saturday, ‘What is there to do in Rockford?’ It really got me thinking. Our goal with the new rental business is to help them experience Rockford to the fullest.”

For now, both businesses will share the space within Double Take. “It will be kind of tight, but we’ll make it work,” said Palmreuter of their current location.

Updates on the opening date of the new business and other information will be posted on the fan page on Facebook, Rogue River Rentals.

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