LETTERS TO THE EDITOR — March 10, 2011

Reader asks others to support D.A.R.E.

Dear Chief Jones,

Each afternoon, when my son walks in the door from Roguewood Elementary School, his main focus is how fast he can get to the snack pantry and sitting in front of ANY screen in the house. D.A.R.E. days are different. The front door is not even closed yet, when he starts talking about Officer Jehnzen’s stories, jokes and interesting facts during D.A.R.E. sessions at school. Officer Jehnzen has really made an impact on this 10-year-old boy. Honestly, the timing of RPD’s D.A.R.E. program couldn’t be better for our family. Mateo’s father has been working in Maui for the last three months, and the absence of his dad has made quite an impact on him. I am so grateful that Officer Jehnzen and the D.A.R.E. message is available to him at this difficult time in his life.

Officer Jehnzen’s delivery is ideal for these kids. He holds their attention, entertains his audience and portrays the “cool factor,” which is imperative to get their minds wide open and receptive to the message of the program. D.A.R.E. is more than just saying no to drugs. It’s a message to the kids that being responsible, treating others fairly, and making good choices is the right way to live… and it’s “cool.”

I may have taken the RPD’s D.A.R.E. program for granted in the past. I just assumed it would always be there for our kids in Rockford. I know the program struggles financially, and I hope it will be available to district’s future fifth-grade students, especially during these tough economic times. I plan on making a donation to the RPD’s D.A.R.E. program, and I hope others will, as well. After seeing my son’s response to only two sessions with Dave Jehnzen, I must admit that I have taken a closer look at the impact this program makes on our community’s children. I truly feel this program, especially under the guidance of Officer Jehnzen, is invaluable to the future of these young, impressionable fifth graders. Thank you for investing the department’s time, money and effort into Officer Jehnzen’s D.A.R.E. sessions.

Interestingly, my son came out of his bedroom this morning for school, decked out from head to toe (including his socks!) in MSU Spartan attire, with a huge grin on his face. I asked him, “Why all the Spartan green today, Mateo?” He replied, “I can’t wait for Officer Jehnzen see me in D.A.R.E. today. You know, mom, he’s a big Wolverine fan, and I want to give him a hard time!” Apparently, it’s “cool,” in a good way, to give the police officer a hard time. I think this says: Officer Jehnzen, the kids are listening! “Nuff” said!

Carol Delp-Kurzeja
Rockford resident

Subscriber shares Squire with friends and family

Dear Editor,

I look forward to my weekly Squire newspaper.

I cut out the Sudoku and send it to a friend near Lakeview, I save Craig James’ weather articles, and send Roger’s funnies to a friend in Ohio.

It truly gets passed around!

Mary Ellen Richards, St. Johns, Mich.

Reader pleads for reprieve of mute swans

Dear Editor,

It is with a sad heart that I am writing this letter.

This week I learned that the DNR is going to kill/slaughter 13,000 mute swan—this is a crime. Why has this not been told to the general public? The DNR say they are taking food and territory away from other birds and wildlife. This is not true. They are going to come in the night and slaughter these birds because they say they do not want to deal with people’s emotions. I think the public should know of this terrible act and have a say in stopping this immoral act of killing these beautiful birds. You are going to get up one morning and 90% of them will be gone.

Please support the people who spend their lives trying to rehabilitate these birds, keeping them healthy and saving their lives so all of us can enjoy their beauty.

Please write your congressmen, the DNR, Michigan wildlife hunting and fishing centers, newspapers, radio stations, anyone you can think of to help stop this horrible act from being committed.

Soon our earth could be silent from the mute swan, the wild wolf, the mustang horses, the baby white seal, who is slaughtered for its fur.

Please help save the swan.

Kathleen Akkerhuis, Gowen resident




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