Students run to help children in Haiti

Goal is $10,000 for kitchen, classroom

A determination to help those in Haiti and the generosity of the Rockford area have students well on their way to an ultimate goal of $10,000 to go to a kitchen, classroom, books and more for students in Haiti. The most recent fundraiser is coming right up and the public is invited to take part.

Abby Wallis Stacey Chrisman, of Rockford, with a class of first graders in Haiti.

On March 26, bright and early at 8 a.m. at Belmont Elementary School, students will take place in a 5K kids run to raise money for students in Haiti, who are still suffering the effects of the devastating earthquake which happened over a year ago. The money they raised will be used by a group of Rockford people who are returning to Haiti in June. There they will distribute food and hygiene kits and working at an orphanage and a school. The group is working with the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty in the community of Les Bours.

Organizer and teacher Rachel DeKuiper stated, “On behalf of the group heading to Haiti in June, I’d also like to thank the community for its support of our Hoops for Haiti event on February 18. What a great community we live in!”

To register for the race, or for more information, go to

“Thanks so much for supporting the work a team of individuals will be doing in Haiti this summer. The group is overwhelmed by the generosity of the Rockford community,” said DeKuiper.

An earlier event, Hoops for Haiti, raised over $2,000 on Friday, Feb. 18. “This $2,000 combined with the $2,600 raised previously through [Rockford Public Schools’] sister school project with Les Bours School of Hope, puts us nearly halfway to our goal. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to build a kitchen, add a sixth-grade classroom, purchase books, improve the school’s courtyard, put up a basketball hoop, and install a soccer goal at our sister school in Haiti. We also will be working with the adults and children/students of the Les Bours School community to help them start a garden program. We are excited to be able to not only provide food and hygiene kits to help with their short-term needs, but also help them plant fruit and vegetables to meet their long-term needs.”

If you are unable to participate in the Hope for Haiti run but would like to donate, you can do so by mailing a check made out

to the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty (HFAP) to Rachel DeKuiper, 7311 Hessler Ct., Rockford, MI 49341. This will insure that your donation goes toward your local team’s work there. To learn more about HFAP or to donate directly to the foundation, go to


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