Rockford American Legion distributes 103,665 pounds of food to area residents in need

It seems like yesterday that Dena Rogers of Feeding America Food Bank approached the Rockford American Legion Post and encouraged them to host a mobile food pantry. Though the membership unanimously voted to proceed, little did they realize the impact they would soon have upon the community.

Assisted by Tammy Ahrens and Dan Beach, senior high students from Algoma Christian School provide encouragement and enthusiasm to all who attend the pantry.

The Post has provided fresh fruit, vegetables and other foods to more than 124 families at each of 17 regularly scheduled mobile food pantries since that meeting. Beginning with a 5,000-pound truck, the membership rallied to participate in what would become Operation Cornucopia.

On March 22, the total food distributed by the Post reached 103,665 pounds, an estimated total of $224,991.00 worth of groceries on the table. Members of the Post are quick to agree that it would not have been possible without the help of local community members. Funding and supplies for the pantries not only come from member donations but from local businesses and civic organizations.

Volunteers from local schools, churches and Boy Scout Troops help make hosting the pantries possible. Members were excited to have students from Algoma Christian School assist them during the March pantry.

“As thrilled as we are to be a part of this operation, it wouldn’t bother us a bit if it stopped being necessary tomorrow. However, hunger, like a terrorist, has no regard for a person’s age or sex. It will steal the health of an old man as quickly as from a young girl. As long as hunger is a threat, we need to keep fighting it,” said Clyde Sinclair, commander of the Post.


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