Many volunteers needed for HCNC management plan

Adults, teens, everybody, are you looking for a rewarding volunteer experience? Enthusiastic individuals are needed, who would enjoy volunteering in the great outdoors at Howard Christensen Nature Center (HCNC). Get community service hours for your college resume. Work with friendly naturalists, teach kids about nature, help maintain the trails—whatever your interests, there is a job for you. Learn more at the orientation. Volunteer Day is Saturday, April 23, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. RSVP with Cindy Perski at or call (616) 325-4554 if you plan to attend.

Or possibly at this time you cannot volunteer but would like to make a donation to the endeavor? It costs approximately $45,000 a year to run Howard Christensen Nature Center, and this is with only one part-time employee. If you would like to donate, please do so in the name of Lily’s Frog Pad Inc. (the newly formed nonprofit organization that will run HCNC). Contributions can be mailed to 12380 Pine Island Drive, Sparta, MI 49345. Please make checks payable to “Lily’s Frog Pad Inc. in care of Howard Christensen Nature Center DBA.”

Volunteer tasks needed include:

• cleaning (mopping, dusting, waxing of floors, organization of teaching materials—inside) and desperately need a librarian-type person to organize books;

• calling on other volunteers to volunteer;

• calling potential donors;

• data input and filing;

• help at the many fundraisers to come;

• help with guiding tours (must know HCNC grounds);

• hold a class/teach at HCNC (classes coordinated can have yourself as a paid instructor with partial income going to HCNC);

• help create a great newsletter;

• outdoor maintenance of trails (physically line trails with fallen tree branches);

• help recruit for special events (events listing to come);

• schedule event speakers, or be one if you have a special talent/gift;

• donate goods or services (bird seed, animal feed, cleaning products, security cameras, inspections of towers, fax machine, laptop computers, trash pickup, pay a month’s electric/propane bill, children’s learning supplies, office supplies, etc.);

• Web support (IT systems)—need an excellent designer (website started not finished);

• vernal pond monitoring;

• fix signs—update and repair—enhance trails;

• forestry help—management of invasive plant species or monitoring;

• rake leaves, clean debris from paths;

• grant-seeking or grant-writing;

• graphic design;

• coordinate a fundraiser—does not have to be on premises;

• volunteer interpretive guides;

• send your Facebook friends to HCNC, Howard Christensen Nature Center, and Lily’s Frog Pad Facebook pages (become of a friend on Cindy Perski’s Facebook page);

• sponsor a sign (signs can have your business advertisement for a small fee);

• tell your friends, neighbors, fellow church goers, co-workers, schools, family and all about this endeavor;

• if you work with another organized group like Boy Scouts, Eagles, Runners Club, Girl Scouts, AA, Big Brother, etc., please send them to HCNC for outings, picnics etc.; and

• rent the building(s)—can be rented for churches, graduations, birthday parties, retirements—the rent is very inexpensive.

Lily’s Frog Pad Inc.’s mission statement is: “Inspirational leadership and excellences to advance all walks of life to give back to nature while receiving outdoors benefits, learning to love nature’s beauty to mankind, mentally, spiritually and physically. To superbly manage Howard Christen Nature Center to give the community opportunities that enhances their admiration, knowledge, and overseer of the natural environment, to leave a legacy, to leave this world better than we found it, to give unselfishly and expect nothing in return.”


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