Subway manager staged robbery


It appears that the armed robbery of the Cedar Springs Subway on 17 Mile Road two weeks ago was an inside job.

A surveillance camera in the Cedar Springs Subway, 4116 17 Mile Road, captured this image of an armed robbery at 8:22 a.m. April 12. Police determined the crime was staged by the manager and two others. They became suspicious when they learned deposits had not been made in about a week.

According to the Cedar Springs Police Department (CSPD), daytime manager Kristin Joy Fredrickson, 35, of Solon Township, the alleged victim of the robbery, admitted to police she was involved and that she had another employee and former employee assist her.

Cedar Springs Police responded to an armed robbery call at the Subway, located at 4116 17 Mile Road, at 8:22 a.m., April 12. Fredrickson, the day shift manager, reported that a masked man entered through the rear door soon after she arrived to open the business and robbed her at gunpoint. He then fled to a vehicle parked to the east at a neighboring business. Witnesses reported seeing a man running to this vehicle and getting into the passenger side door. The vehicle then fled eastbound at a high rate of speed.

Cedar Springs Police Chief Roger Parent said that they looked at all possible ways this crime could have occurred, and it appeared from the very first day that it could have been staged. He said that within days the investigation turned from interviewing the “victim,” who was the on-duty daytime manager at the business, to an investigation suspecting her of being involved.

“We asked detectives from the Kent County Sheriff’s Department (KCSD) to look over our evidence and they agreed,” said Parent. “Detective Sgt. Jack Smith [KCSD] and Detective Jason Kelley [KCSD north sub-station] along with Sgt. Good [CSPD] continued with the investigation.”

Parent said they spent many hours interviewing people about the crime, and finally obtained additional names of suspects. The manager finally admitted she was involved, and her two male accomplices, Ryan James Christopher Dalton, 20, of Courtland Township, and Daniel James Coon Jr. of Solon Township, also confessed.

Parent said that the three got away with a large amount of cash, which would normally be unusual in the morning. However, the manager had reportedly not made any deposits for about a week leading up to the robbery. Parent said that only a small amount of the cash was recovered, and that all three parties would be responsible for restitution. They reportedly spent the bulk of the money on drugs and clothing. Parent did not release the amount of money taken.

Kristina Fredrickson
Ryan Dalton
Daniel Coon

Fredrickson was arraigned Wednesday, April 20, in 63rd District Court on counts of filing a false police report, a four-year felony; larceny by conversion, a five-year felony; and larceny in a building, a three-year felony. She has a May 3 preliminary hearing at 10:15 a.m. Her accomplices were arrested Wednesday, and were arraigned last Thursday on charges of larceny in a building and larceny by conversion. Parent said that, since they were acting out a staged event, there was no victim where a gun charge would apply.


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