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Imagine for a moment, your child is born and in the delivery room you’re handed a script of their life and an eraser. Doctor says you have five minutes to edit the script of this little life before a day of it is lived out. What would you erase? How would you decide what should be included? You read that your child will have a learning disability, and while reading comes easy for most kids, your daughter will struggle immensely. But in the next paragraph you read that with the help of a caring teacher she makes a breakthrough and overcomes to earn the respect of peers, staff, and a full ride scholarship. Later you read that she gets a great job, only to lose it in an economic downturn, only to find a new job and meet her future spouse. What do you erase? How do you rewrite this story? If you could erase every failure, disappointment and painful experience, would that even be a good thing for your child?

Minnesota Twins outfielder Kirby Puckett was a legendary clutch hitter and class act. Kirby was fun to watch and even cheer for when at bat against my beloved Tigers. However, on September 25, 1995, Cleveland’s Dennis Martinez accidentally drilled Kirby in the right eye, causing irreversible damage. It shortened Kirby’s career, forcing him to retire well before his time. Everyone thought Kirby would forever hate Dennis. But Kirby saw it differently and in press conferences, when asked about the circumstances that forced his retirement, Kirby said simply, “Dennis Martinez is my good friend.” Kirby knew that there was no eraser and embraced love, forgiveness and hope. In 2001, despite what analysts would consider average baseball statistics, Kirby was admitted into the Hall of Fame.

There’s no eraser. Instead there is an opportunity to live by faith, trusting God completely, in all areas of your life. “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future,’” Jeremiah 29:11. Let go of the eraser and reach for God and the future he has in store for you.


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