Parkside Elementary School’s Madelyn McConnon, an Example in Excellence

Madelyn is one to step up for what is right

Madelyn McConnon

Madelyn McConnon is daughter to Matt and Deb McConnon and sister to Austin, Dylan and Gideon. She is described by teachers and staff at her school as a selfless student who leads by serving. She consistently demonstrates respect for others, kindness, responsibility, honesty and shows a nurturing nature. Classmates say Madelyn is always one to step up for what is right.

Madelyn takes the initiative to find opportunities to help others. She shows this in gym class, in volunteering for lunchtime recycling, where she has never missed one lunch period of helping, and in mentoring younger students. She is recognized in her school for her compassion, and is a loving big sister to her three younger brothers.

An active student in the classroom and school, Madelyn is also in Bible club, student council and 4-H.

Madelyn’s teachers say, “Madelyn will tirelessly look for opportunities to help others. She stays in from recess on her own accord to give her time to another student needing help.”

Approaching all tasks with a “can do” attitude, Madelyn consistently demonstrates a willingness to pitch in. She never gives up on herself or her peers. This “good-natured golden girl” is both quiet and respectful. She is a person who is well rounded in her qualities and attitude. Her strong faith in God and a family that has provided a strong foundation is apparent in her easy willingness to put others first.

She is a big believer and participant in recycling, which earned Madelyn an award for longevity in the recycling program at her school. She was chosen by her classmates to be their representative on student council. She plays softball, enjoys art, loves to read books, and is already a gifted writer.

Parkside Elementary is proud to have Madelyn represent the school as this year’s Example in Excellence.


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