73rd District Representative Peter MacGregor

State Rep. Peter MacGregor

MacGregor votes on sound, balanced budget four months ahead of schedule

Just five months into the 96th Legislature, Michigan legislators delivered a properly balanced budget to Gov. Snyder based on real numbers.

State Rep. Peter MacGregor voted in favor of the historic budget, which includes the $1.1 billion in spending reductions needed to get Michigan on solid financial footing.

“We have done one of the things we came here to do: balance a sound budget with efficiencies, outcomes, best practices, debt reduction with no gimmicks—four months ahead of schedule,” said MacGregor, R-Rockford. “For the first time in decades, the budget has been determined in enough time for those relying on funding to plan ahead for the upcoming year, with our schools only having to see a 1.4% reduction.”

The fiscal year 2012 budget minimizes school funding reductions, encourages local governments and schools districts to become more efficient, and gives municipalities, schools and universities ample time to balance their own budgets.

House Bills 4325 and 4526, which encompass the state budget, was approved by the state House and will now be sent to the governor for his consideration. Highlights include:

• The K-12 budget reduction is effectively reduced to less than $100 per pupil this year for schools that implement best practices. It represents a 1.4 percent decrease in funding;

• A total of $256 million will be put into a rainy day fund to allow the state to plan for the years ahead with an assurance of further stability;

• An additional $30 million on top of the already-agreed amount—$15 million to counties and $15 million to cities, townships and villages—will help struggling local governments meet their financial obligations; and

• The budget moves Michigan closer to regaining AAA bond rating status. Getting back to AAA status means the state will save millions of dollars on interest in borrowing costs.


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  1. Roger L. Bruursema Jr. says:

    Dear Mr. MacGregor,

    I’ve been trying to understand the new H.B. 5002/S.B.702.I was injured back in 2006 and have since had 2 back surgeries and I’m now disabilted to the point I will not be able to return to my previous job of 20 years (plumber).I also find it extremely difficult to find a job that is not beyond my capabilities and restrictions that would pay me anything near what I used to make,or even have ANY job offers!! I live every day in pain!!! Some worst then others but I’ve always worked and provided for my family,and have always given 110 % to my employers and any other task I’ve been involved in….I’m now faced with this new H.B. that appears to give the insurance companies the “chioce” to determing what my wage earning capibilities are and adjust my disibility check to the point that I will not be able to support my family or pay my bills( if the insurance companies choose to do so ).So I guess that the savings to the insurance Co. and bussinesses will out weight the burden of me loosing my home and going on some type of government program to help or even go on S.S.I. I’ve NEVER asked for any help in the past because I couldn’t pull my own weight….Iv’e ALWAYS pulled my own weight and then gave a hand to someone else who needed it!!But I guess now because I was involved in an injury that was not my fault I will have to loose everything that I’ve worked for for over 30 years.I not sure as to the intent of this new law but it doesn’t do me or thousands of others any justice…but then again maybe the insurance Co. needs to be taken care of instead of the people in this country that work their *** off to try and make a few bucks and maybe ….just maybe reach the american dream of owning something (like a home ) just to loose it due to someone’s idea that disibilitity insurance laws need to change once again to favor big companies instead of the people that they were intended to !!! I would hope that you have looked into all the differnt ways that this law would effect those that need it the most.Since you were a sponsor of this Bill I guess I’m just wasting my time asking if you are still in support of it???But I would like to hear ANY feedback that you may have in reguards to it…such as why you would be in support of it !!

    Thank-you for your time,

    Roger L. Bruursema Jr.

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