Rockford grad opens new business

Sight Optical offers full exam services, line of glasses


Rockford graduate Michael McConnell has over 20 years of experience in the eyewear and optical field and has opened his own business, Sight Optical. He believes people will recognize the differences that set his business apart in the field.

“Due to the nature of what I have been doing over the last ten years, I have been fortunate to forge personal relationships with many of the designers of some of the best collections from around the world. It is these great collections that have become the foundation of what we are doing at Sight Optical,” McConnell stated.

The office offers the services of optometrist Dr. Sarah Weeks, and optician and office manager Marcie VanEss in addition to McConnell and co-owner Corey VanDuinen. Established in January 2011, Sight Optical is located at 934 Cherry Street, downtown Grand Rapids in the East Hills Business District, a location McConnell chose because of its central location and proximity to quality retailers and great restaurants.

McConnell believes those who try Sight Optical will appreciate the atmosphere, which he said is different than other West Michigan-area offices. “Our feeling is that shopping for eyewear should be first and foremost fun,” he said. “That is why when you visit our store you will get a laid-back atmosphere where the music plays, people laugh and we make the process of picking out eyewear an enjoyable one.”

Each of the members of the team at Sight Optical bring a high level of experience and professionalism, and have the added bonus of loving what they do. “There are very few things in life we like more than helping someone find that ‘perfect frame,’” McConnell explained. “So many times we see people who have looked everywhere for something different or who have had a hard time finding a frame to fit properly. When we are able to make them happy, it brings a smile to our faces.”

McConnell said his team is very different from other optical service providers. “A lot of times when people walk into an optical store they have a preconceived notion of what they want based on what they have worn in the past. If a customer walks in and says ‘I like brown rectangle frames,’ then that will be the last thing we show them, because we already know they like it. We want to challenge people’s perception and show them that many times they are capable of wearing other shapes and colors.”

Sight Optical is an optical boutique complete with full exam services. Products range from $189 to $550 and include some of the best collections in the world such as Lafont, Mykita, Salt Optics, Intrigue, Hamburg Eyewear, Maui Jim, Ogi, KBL and Oscar Magnuson.

“We are also the very best in lens technology from Varilux, including the cutting-edge Eyecode lens, which is tailored specifically to each wearer’s unique needs,” said McConnell.

Sight Optical will frequently hold events that give customers the chance to interact with the staff and their collections in a more personal way and to provide them with unique sales opportunities.

“We don’t have a set schedule for these events, so you need to pay attention or get on our mailing list,” McConnell said. “One thing that remains constant is that each collection carried at Sight Optical is of the utmost quality. This is something we take very seriously.”

Sight Optical is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The phone number is (616) 485-0553 and you can visit online at


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