Young receives contract extension, excellent review

Michael Young, Rockford’s city manager, had his employment contract extended one year after his recent annual council evaluation. This extension makes his contract a three-year agreement. He graciously asked for a salary freeze so he would be in line with other City of Rockford employee groups with whom he had negotiated wage freezes and concessions.

In spite of the tough times that all Michigan cities are facing, Michael was able to present the council with a 2011-2012 budget that maintains healthy fund balance. The budget keeps the current millage rate at 10.9 mills, the third lowest in the country for cities and villages that do not have an income tax. In addition, there will be no increase in sewer and water rates, which will make residents very happy. Being able to maintain the millage and sewer and water rates at a constant level is phenomenal when you take into consideration that Rockford has seen no increase in state shared revenue over the last several years. In addition, due to Michael’s grant writing abilities, we still see quality of life projects such as the Rogue River Trail and Boardwalk being completed.

Michael’s overall performance rating was ninety eight percent. Michael is a positive influence on the city and the staff he works with. He truly cares about Rockford. When you look around the city and see the changes that have happened during Michael Young’s fifteen-year tenure, you have to be impressed. His influence and impact on the community are very noticeable. There are, however, challenges to be met in the future. Council feels that Michael is a real asset to our community and is up to the task of meeting those future challenges.


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