Rockford Farm Market opening best ever


It was a postcard perfect day for the opening day of the Rockford Farm Market last Saturday. Most every stall in the market was filled by local Michigan vendors.

Michigan-grown produce is considerably less abundant at this time because the growing season was delayed due to unseasonably cool and rainy weather this spring—one exception being asparagus. However, that did not deter many of the larger vendors from bringing freshly grown and harvested farm produce from their greenhouses.

Potted flowers and vegetable seedlings, along with potted patio tomato plants, and asparagus, asparagus, asparagus ruled the day. Everyone knows that the Michigan variety of freshly hand-snapped asparagus is the very best in the world, and shoppers were taking advantage of the market’s abundance.

Even a local merchant decided there is no sense in arguing with the success of the Rockford Farm Market. An astute Rockford businessman, Pete Kruer, brought his beautiful Kunst Gardens potted vegetables and floral arrangements to market for the first time ever. “I didn’t realize how much fun this would be. I’ll be back!” said Kruer.

There are 17 Saturdays remaining in the Rockford Farm Market season so, if you haven’t already done so, please remember to cast your vote for Rockford’s Farmers Market in the America’s Favorite Farm Market contest. It’s as simple as going to and following the prompts. You can vote once for each e-mail address you and your family members have. Heck, don’t stop there. Support Rockford and this great market and network the contest to friends and co-workers. As of the writing of this article, Rockford’s market has only 18 votes. This is Rockford, we can do better than that!

Remember, because of the Start of Summer festivities this coming weekend, Farm Market will be held on Main Street in the parking lot across from Chase Bank on the old Northland Pontiac GMC dealership property.

Floral designer and grower extraordinaire Casey Lemieux hands Rockford resident Brett Maki a freshly custom-arranged bouquet. Brett had made a secret visit to Rockford’s Farm Market to purchase a surprise bouquet for the love of his life, wife Danielle. Notice the single white rose in the center that Brett picked up at a local florist on the way to market. Photo by CLIFF HILL













TWO ANTIQUES—one an old red Chevy truck and the other Pete Kruer brought their floral goods to Market for the very first time ever. Photo by CLIFF HILL









Lynn Bull of L&L Bull Farms is in the midst of many dozens of unequaled and overflowing hanging baskets. Photo by CLIFF HILL











Market goer Denny Benham is about to taste a sample of Grace Miller’s marinated mushrooms. Black Tie Gourmet Mushrooms are a result of a closely guarded secret Miller family recipe!



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