A Message for You

God of New Things

Hope Community Church, Rockford

It’s spring going into summer, a season of beautiful colors and green growing things!

Take a look around the Rockford area at all the new things springing up—trees and plants, fields of crops, new businesses downtown, and new graduates starting to think about college in the fall. New things. Exciting things.

Our God is a God of creation as well, not just once long ago, but a God who is constantly creating anew—the spark of life that keeps it all going. The cells in our miraculous bodies are constantly being made anew. Our creative ideas, from music to inventions, are aspects of this God that creates anew.

The gift of imagination, of what could be, is such a great and wondrous thing. Some philosophers say this is what really separates us from other creatures: the ability to imagine something then work to make it real. New things can be a bit scary, since we don’t always know what to expect and whether we’ll like it. And new means a bit of change, which we don’t always like. To be sure, there’s comfort in the tried and true, old faithful stuff. But without the “new” in our lives, we would be dead, either physically, emotionally or intellectually.

The Holy Spirit lives in us and draws in new ways—to see ourselves and others in new and different light. We are never called to simply “sit where we are,” but are called to listen to that Spirit calling us toward a new and different place in which our walk with God is deeper and stronger, and our love for others is more honest, more generous, more caring and a better mirror of God’s love for us. And because of this, God is constantly reaching out to us in new ways, and always has.

“New” life is a common theme in the Bible and our faith. Sometimes it’s through new people in our lives and new opportunities and challenges.

So, in this season of “new,” where is God calling you? What new thing is God calling you to in your life? A new and different way to serve others and help this world? A renewed and healed relationship with someone? A new dedication to your life as a disciple? Let the Lord create you anew, and cherish that new life that you find!


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