Water tower paint job comes in $10,000 under budget

The Rockford water tower is about to be repainted at a final cost of nearly $10,000 under budget.

The low bidder on an exterior painting of the North Rockford Middle School water tower asked to withdraw his bid after he learned his Google picture of the structure was out of date, Rockford City Manager Michael Young told Rockford City Council at the Monday, June 13 meeting. The tank’s interior was painted last year and it has been 13 years since the outside had last been painted. The structure is starting to show some rust.

“It is very important to take care of our elevated storage tanks,” Young said.

The six cellular phone providers with transmitters on the structure were given the option of removing their equipment during the job or paying the cost of painting around their devices. It would cost several hundred thousand per transmitter to remove them and have them operate from Cellular Towers on Wheels during the project. The cost to paint around the devices is estimated at a total of $3,000. “They were real happy with that,” Young stated.

Council was likewise happy to hear the results of the bids on the painting, for which the City had budgeted $72,000. MC Sandblasting gave the City a bid of $66,900 for the job. With the $3,000 coming from the cellular phone service providers, the cost to the City equaled $63,900, nearly $10,000 less than budgeted.


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