Alba Knutson celebrates 100 years of living


Centurion laughingly says, “How the heck did I live so long?” Photo by CLIFF HILL

Alba Knutson, 100 years young, celebrated the first century of her life with 150 family members and friends Sunday, July 10, 2011.

Alba (pictured center with a floral bouquet) was resplendent in a coral outfit and sported a birthday gift manicure and pedicure finished off with matching coral nail polish.

In the picture, Alba is surrounded by her daughter Dolores D’Amico (in the print dress below the clock) and most of her eight grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren, and respective spouses.

Alba tells her granddaughters Denise Maghielse and Darcy Di Cesare the secret to her long life is: “Always strive to do the right thing and live by the rules.” (Coincidentally, that is the very same message your reporters heard that morning in church.) The granddaughters laughingly describe Alba as “a loveable pain in the ass. She showed us through example how to remain strong in the face of all adversities. She was and continues to be a true example of good living. She always provided for her extended family and was always there for them.”

Exhibiting an amazing wit, Alba said that nowadays she still loves visits to the casino. “I only wish I had more money to hit the jackpot,” she said. “There’s just never enough money! I never got wealthy as an Avon Lady.”

The birthday bash was held in the cozy Community Room of the Rockford Ambulance Community Center at the corner of Shaner Avenue and 10 Mile Road. Often overlooked, the center’s Community Room (with kitchen) is available for group rentals and is a viable alternative to the oftentimes completely booked Rockford Community Cabin.

“Happy birthday, Alba!” from The Rockford Squire.

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