Avid Squire reader turns 90


The granddaughters of Theda Fahner surround their grandmother while in town recently for an early celebration of Theda’s 90th birthday. Pictured are (l–r) Sheilah Thomas, Amy Fahner and Stephanie Joustra. The young lady in the very center is the ever-smiling “birthday girl”! Photo by CLIFF HILL

Longtime Squire subscriber, Theda Fahner, celebrates her 90th birthday Thursday, August 4.

Theda is the matriarch of the Fahner family and resides on the 800-acre Fahner Centennial Farm (circa: 1876) in Pierson, Mich. She is proud that a fourth-generation member of the family, her son Rick Fahner, continues today to operate the farm his great-grandfather Frederick Jacob Fahner homesteaded.

Theda keeps her mind as “sharp as a tack” by serving as acting proofreader of the family’s periodic “Round Robin” newsletters. She loves crossword and jigsaw puzzles, but most of all she loves to read. She devours books and is a subscriber to the nearest “big city” newspapers, the locally owned The Rockford Squire and The Grand Rapids Press.

“There’s not a lot to do in Pierson except watch the corn grow,” said Theda, “so I keep up with the local and national current events every day by reading my favorite newspapers. Nothing much happens nowadays in Pierson. Rockford’s got all the news.”

Happy birthday, Theda, from the staff at The Rockford Squire newspaper!

Readers may send a belated birthday card to this little farm girl (little’s an understatement—she’s only 4’10” TALL) to: Theda Fahner, 3872 Henkel Rd., Pierson, MI 49339.

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