Casting call for young actors for Reading Rocks festival

Children who can read and are in eighth grade or lower are invited to help with a new exciting event as part of the Reading Rocks in Rockford festival August 13. The festival is in its second year and offers many hands-on opportunities to appreciate reading.

This year Dr. Regina Rees and a group of Rockford High School students will coordinate Readers Theater with the younger students, a group storytelling event, at the pavilion located on the west side of the Rogue River dam.

Rees has been a teacher for over 25 years. She has taught grades 4-12. She completed her Ph.D. in 2004 and is currently an associate professor in education at Youngstown State University. She has been a storyteller for 15 years and has presented programs and workshops throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Indiana. In addition to storytelling, Rees loves Readers Theater. This form of group storytelling combines reading, interpreting and listening, with imagination. Readers Theater is truly “theater of the imagination” because there are no costumes, sets or special effects—just the readers interpreting the story for the audience to picture in their imaginations. The stories presented at the Reading Rocks in Rockford festival are adapted from folktales from around the world.

Students interested in participating should have their parents call Susan at Bishop Hills Elder Care Community at (616) 866-2002. A practice script reading will take place Friday, August 12 with the Readers Theater taking place in one morning and one afternoon session on Saturday. For more information about this year’s Reading Rocks in Rockford, brought to you by Rockford Rotary Club and Rockford Public Schools, see the circular inside this issue of The Rockford Squire.

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