Warm welcome on the menu every day at Cedar Rock Cafe

Together, Karri Jo Creveling and Joe and Diane Seyferth present for your enjoyment Cedar Rock Cafe. Kerri Jo introduced the couple, who were recently married.

You don’t have to order a friendly smile and welcoming comment when you stop in to enjoy a breakfast or lunch special at Cedar Rock Cafe, 4615 14 Mile Road, Rockford, in the Cedar Rock business district.

Partners Joe and Diane Seyfert and Karri Creveling are uniquely qualified in their roles at the restaurant they opened June 15 of this year. The three have worked together in the past and Creveling was the person who first introduced Joe and Diane to each other. Today the pair are newlyweds and consider Creveling as family. “Collectively we decided to bring our friendship and teamwork to service the Cedar Rock community,” said Diane.

Cedar Rock Cafe offers traditional fare with some unique items such as cheesecake-stuffed French toast and “Cedar Fries” as an alternative to French fries. Diners will be wonderfully pleased and have Joe’s 30 years as chef to thank.

Joe’s extensive experience in the field of food began with his studies toward his associate’s degree in culinary arts. He also completed a bachelor’s degree in hotel/restaurant management.

Diane has over 10 years of experience in accounting and serves as the businesses administrative manager. Karri is front-of-house manager and brings over a decade of experience as service manager.

“Diane and Karri have a specialized talent of creating a warm experience for our customers,” said Joe. “They have set a high standard of cleanliness, attention to detail, and speed of service.”

All three are strongly motivated by their love of satisfying their “friends, who are also our customers,” said Joe. “We enjoy developing those relationships. We would like the community to know that this is more their restaurant than ours, and would like them to enjoy it by expressing their needs.”

Diners can find daily breakfast and lunch specials at the cafe’s Facebook page. In addition to regular menu items and specials, the eatery features made-from-scratch soups. Cedar Rock Cafe also offers a “mug club.” Leave your mug at the restaurant and enjoy 99-cent refills or bottomless cups for $1.35. Karri jokes, however, “Don’t bring a mug that if I break it we can’t be friends anymore.”

The three are very proud of the quality of the breakfasts and lunches the cafe serves, and believe the menu items are trendsetting ones diners greatly enjoy. “Our product is the overall experience at Cedar Rock Cafe,” said Diane. “We feel that there is no place closer to home in a restaurant atmosphere where you are greeted with the warmest welcome when you walk in. We are proud to offer a quality and diverse meal selection at a fair price.”

Cedar Rock Cafe is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. seven days a week. Their website is cedarrockcafe.com and the phone number is (616) 696-0150.

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