A Message for You

Not Disappointed 

River Rock Church

“…in you they trusted and were not disappointed,” Psalm 22:5.

Hello, fellow Rockfordian. Here is something for you to think about: People who went before you trusted in God and they were not disappointed. Is there anyone else about whom you can say that?






…any individual?

…any organization?

I thank God for every person and organization in whom I have trusted and not been disappointed. My wife and I just traveled to Africa. We trusted airlines and taxi drivers and bottled water, and we were not disappointed. We do business with Rockford businesses, and we are not disappointed. But it is inevitable that someone you trust will let you down. That is why you learn to celebrate and recommend the trustworthy ones.

I point you to the only one I know who has an unblemished record of trustworthiness. And don’t take just my word. Generations of people before you discovered the same. Place your trust in God and you will not be disappointed.

About what do you need to trust God?

Two related ideas:

1.  On Labor Day weekend, thank God for all those workers you rely on who do trustworthy work. It is a godly way to be in a world that needs trustworthiness.

2.  Your community churches exist to help you connect to this God who will not disappoint you. If you are not actively involved in one, ask around, select a few options, and visit them. Then pick one and get involved. A trustable God is waiting for you.

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