Sample sale raises $145,123 for charity

Tops last year’s by $25,000 

Employees Norma Huttenga (left) Judy Schultz (right) keep the invetory stocked in the children's area.

When the night ended, the annual Wolverine Worldwide sample sale had sold $145,123 in deeply discounted footwear and clothing. The event is an annual one with the sale proceeds going to United Way. Wolverine urges each division of its brands to save the samples (the products set out as demos on the tops of displays) to be sold at this sale as a fundraiser for United Way. In years past, the sample sale was only open to employees of Wovlerine, but has now been opened for the public as well. The apparel of Wolverine’s brands sell for $50 to $70 usually, but at the sale go for $10.

Organizer Julie Townsend commented, “It was a great day. We had approximately 1,800 people at the public sale. Many people got a great deal of holiday shopping done in just a few hours. The deals were amazing.”

This is the view from the Rockford water tower, just outside the sale. On the grass, waving, are just some of the many employees who volunteered hundreds of hours to make this event possible. This was taken about 15 minutes prior to opening to the public.

Michael Bohnsack, Director Merrell Retail, was giving “Deal of the Hour” specials and product was flying off the shelves. The sample sale topped last year’s sale totals of approximately $120,000.

“It was great times, all for a great cause,” Townsend said. “The Heart of West Michigan United Way was truly happy with the results of the efforts put into the event. And I’m sure the local community feels fortunate at the great deals they were able to get. It is a win-win for everyone.”

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