Valley View rallies 20,000 donated crayons

Recycling for global needs with Africrans By Amerikids

“Crayon Beach” children, Heidi and Morgan Ziebarth and Alex and Amanda Hermann participate in Africrans By Amerikids.

The Africrans By Amerikids project would like to thank Valley View Elementary School students for their amazing participation in their annual end-of-the-year “Great Crayon Melt” crayon drive. Valley View jumped on the Indiana bandwagon as the first Michigan school to participate in the Africrans project with the initiative of kindergarten teacher Mrs. Zuidema. Class contests rallied twice as many donations as any other participating school—a grand total near 200 pounds, which is approximately 20,000 donated crayons! Fall participation involves continued sorting and peeling in preparation for the recycling process.

The Africrans By Amerikids project was founded by Heidi Ziebarth, age 12, of Warsaw, Ind., in the spring of 2010. After being awarded “Best of Show” in a statewide student art contest through REMC Electric, Ziebarth invested her creativity and award money to begin a recycling business aimed to help children in Africa through proceeds.

Africrans new recycled crayon packs will delight children in Africa.

Africrans is a kid-based project “by kids and for kids” that all age groups can participate in. Old crayons are donated from schools while community groups and classes rally to help sort, peel and melt into new novelty multi-colored crayon bars. Ziebarth and her mom share educational presentations about recycling and global needs awareness as related to children. Half of all profits from sales help orphaned children in Africa.

See for more information. Africrans recycled crayon packs can be purchased in the Rockford/Grand Rapids area through the W.A.R. Chest International Boutique Stores located at 119 Courtland St., Rockford, and 2790 44th St. SW, Wyoming.

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