Great Northern Trading Company offers discount for donation to NKCS

Need is greater than ever


Barb Stein, center, and her staff at Great Northern Trading Company are hoping shoppers will take advantage of their holiday promotion to help families of the North Kent Community Services. A donation of cash, non-perishable food item or children’s new clothing will be rewarded with 20 percent off your entire purchase October 29 through November 6.

For the third year in a row one of Rockford’s oldest businesses is asking shoppers to give a little and get something great back—a discount on their total order but more importantly knowing they are making a difference to a child and family struggling this year. Starting Saturday, October 29 through November 6, folks who donate five dollars or drop off a non-perishable food item or new clothing for children, especially pajamas, sleep pants, t-shirts, socks and underwear, will receive 20-percent off their entire purchase at Great Northern, located at ? in downtown Rockford.

“People with jobs probably don’t realize how bad it is,” said Stein of the growing number of residents right here in our community who are having a hard time making ends meet. “Help us help North Kent Community Services and their clients.” For years in a row the NKCS has reported record growth in the number of families who are experiencing financial hardship. The holidays can be even more difficult for families who don’t have extra money to spend on presents for their young ones. Stein said the center is asking for donations that can contribute to both Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, packages of jello, boxed potatoes, gravy and vegetables.

Because the center has great spending power, receiving deep discounts from food providers, cash donations are especially appreciated. “If you buy an item to donate, the Center, for the same amount, can probably buy three or four of that same item,” Stein explained. Cash donations, as well as item donations, are tax deductable as well, and the staff at Great Northern will provide receipts for donated items or money.

Stein said last year several large barrels of items as well as a nice amount of financial donations went to the Center, which services northern Kent County. “This is a good time to start Christmas shopping,” Stein said, noting that kicking off the season of giving can start with a gift to a family which is unable to celebrate the holidays the way they might like to. “We try to support the community we are part of,” she explained. “We are getting new stuff in every day and our selection is better than ever. We are always expanding our supply of Michigan-made items.”

Stein said making a donation is not only a good thing to do, but makes financial sense to earn the 20-percent discount. “If they are going to spend $30 anyways, it makes sense to donate five dollars and they can keep the extra dollar for themselves.”

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