A Charmed Life Nail Salon celebrates fourth anniversary

Theme of “four” in special   pricing, sales

RAM ORANGE NAILS FOR LUCK—A Charmed Life Nail Salon owner heard our Rams girls volleyball team was on the eve of their competition for the title of state champions. To show support of the effort of the student athletes, Kristine Gault offered to have the nails of the entire team painted with Ram Orange polish with black shatter for good luck. Other business owners, Tracy from Grand Cakes and Marge and Tammy from Rudy Kazoody’s, also pitched in on the fan effort by providing the girls with goodies to enjoy during their salon pampering and for the road.

Kristine Gault started her Rockford salon, A Charmed Life, December 1, 2007 with a staff of just two—including Gault. The salon, which first opened in a smaller location than her current roomy address at 17 S. Squires Street, featured three pedicure stations and two manicure stations.

Gault, who is nothing if not enthusiastic and passionate about her business, included in her business plan a strong effort to be community-oriented and interactive. She became involved in local school, church and charity programs, offering service and gift card donations. A special apprenticeship program was implemented at A Charmed Life to help encourage others in the field. There, students can work on skills toward a career in the industry, which goes toward their manicurist license with the state of Michigan. This allows the students to receive free training and avoid the high costs of cosmetology school programs.

“It has been a great way for women in this economy to be able to get into the industry that they are passionate about without adding on a burden of student loans,” Gault said. “Katie Phillips has just completed her apprenticeship program and successfully passed the state exam. Katie was a licensed manicurist in the state of Illinois for many years, unfortunately let her license lapse there and then moved to Rockford a few years ago. The state of Michigan would not let her just take the exam. We even contacted Tom Pearce to help us try to navigate the state’s system, but there wasn’t a way to get her licensed without going to school or doing the apprenticeship program. The program allowed her to get her license without the high cost of a cosmetology school.”

A Charmed Life increasingly built on the products and services available, including specialty pedicures that change with the seasons. This fall they are offering the Apple Cinnamon Pedicure, which includes an apple cinnamon scrub, whipped body butter and a paraffin dip.

Gault also began working with other business owners and in her shop hosts specialty parties for groups of eight and more. “It has been a great way for us to work together downtown and keeping everything local! We do about half adult parties and half children’s birthday parties. We had a group of 12 girls the other week that got mini mani/pedis, bought Dam Dogs for dinner and had the treat bags made from Rudy Kazoody’s! We sure appreciate all the support that we get from loyal Rockford residents!”

“These parties are also great for office parties, graduations, wedding/bachelorette parties, baby showers or by customer request,” Gault said. “It has been exciting helping our customers share the milestone events of their lives and watch them and their guests have a very special, unique experience.”

Gault and her shop were well received in their downtown location, where A Charmed Life is the only salon of its kind. In 2008 and 2009, the salon grew to include four pedicure stations, four manicure stations and employ a staff of four. In 2010, Gault had the opportunity to move to the larger, Squires Street location. With so much more room, A Charmed Life Nail Salon expanded to offer six pedicure stations, six manicure stations and hire more staff, now employing a total of nine. Incorporated in the new location is a special facial/skin services room, dedicated to relaxation and rejuvenation. The extra space also makes possible even larger gatherings for the special occasion parties and an expanded menu with wider selection of services to fit all budgets.

“We look forward to continuing to serve Rockford and our customers in the exciting years to come,” said Gault.

She is thrilled at the prospect of a glowing future for the town and the dynamic group of shop owners in the downtown shopping district. The location next to Bangz Hair Salon and Jade has been a great fit. The announcement of the sports complex on Ten Mile Road and the new microbrewery will all add to the charm and variety to be discovered in a visit to Rockford.

“We have noticed lately a trend of out-of-town customers, meaning that Rockford is rapidly becoming a tourism destination. The more businesses that come to Rockford that offer something new will only add to the excitement and tourism in Rockford,” Gault said.

Gault and her staff at A Charmed Life would like to invite loyal customers as well as new ones to help celebrate the salon’s four-year anniversary with special pricing with the theme of four. It’s a four-day celebration starting on Wednesday, Nov. 30 through Saturday, Dec. 3. Take advantage of such deals as $4 off any in-stock retail, including nail polish! There will also be daily drawings—four total—of a free $20 gift card, and $4 off any service of $40 or more. On the actual anniversary date of December 1, they will be serving a cake from Grand Cakes and have snacks and drinks on hand.

“We are also offering four free spa manicures at 4 p.m. on Thursday, December 1 for the first customers to call in! Also, on all four days, if you get a service done, you will receive a coupon for a free hand paraffin with any pedicure you enjoy in January! A great way to warm up in the middle of winter!”

If you haven’t experienced the rejuvenating effect of a salon pampering, you are in for a treat. Gift certificates also make a great holiday present for anyone on your gift list.

“Don’t forget the boys,” Gault reminds shoppers. Men are increasingly enjoying the pleasure of pedicures and have become regulars at the salon along with women.

Stop in the salon to congratulate Gault and her team or check out product and services online at www.acharmedlifenailsalon.com.

“We would like to thank the customers and staff of A Charmed Life. We would not have made it to our four-year anniversary without you!” said Gault. “We plan to continue working on new services and experiences for our clients. We are very excited about the future!”

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