Rockford varsity volleyball state champs

The Rockford High School varsity volleyball team celebrates on the court after the state finals victory.

The 2011 Rockford High School varsity volleyball team was on a mission. This talented group of athletes set out to accomplish what no other Rockford team had done before: bring home a Class A volleyball state title. On Saturday, Nov. 19, the dream became reality. The Lady Rams dominated the 2011 MHSAA state tournament on their way to the championship award. With the support of the Ram Nation throughout the journey, Rockford turned away all challengers and brought home a title.

The Rams rolled to straight set victories in the semifinals against the Temperance Bedford Kicking Mules on Thursday, Nov. 17. Then, in convincing fashion, Rockford slayed the Lake Orion Dragons in the final match 25-21, 25-23, 25-10. The Rams, with an experienced group of seven seniors—six playing as three-year starters—would not be denied. Rockford had not lost a single match since September 24, going 33-0 since and finishing the season with an overall record of 60-8.

Rockford’s varsity volleyball team brings home the state championship trophy.

Throughout the year, this team represents what is important in high school sports, more important than winning: how to accomplish success as one. Each person dedicated themselves to the success of the team. Every person on this history-making Rockford team accepted a role—a role that would be an important part in winning the state title.

On Saturday in the championship match, before the last points fell and while the players were still on the court, the Rams knew they had the title in hand. The genuine happiness for one another and the emotion of achieving a goal together flowed. When the winning point fell, the players all poured out onto the floor and together celebrated as one.

Many years down the road, when people look back at this championship team, the thing most remembered will be what can be achieved when a group of talented individuals dedicate themselves to the greater good of the team and the overall success of teammates. That’s when a team becomes one. That’s when anything becomes possible.

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