WWW opens first Sebago flagship store in London

Wolverine Worldwide (WWW) recently announced the opening of a very special retail location for its Sebago brand, a flagship location on the celebrated Regent Street in London.

This particular Sebago store is the brand’s 44th store to open, as the brand already has a wide variety of retail location spanning the globe in locations such as Paris, Oslo and the Philippines. This is the first Sebago flagship store opened by the parent company, Wolverine Worldwide.

The flagship Regent Street location opened this November to an enthusiastic consumer response. Sebago has been a well-known premium footwear brand in Europe for years and the opening of this flagship store with one of Europe’s most prestigious retail addresses cements the brand’s status as a must-have brand in the mind and hearts of consumers. Of course, the recent buzz around the brand after Kate Middleton has been spotted several times in her Sebago shoes has certainly helped elevate the profile of Sebago around the globe as well.

The store itself is located at 78 Regent Street in London and boasts more than 1,600 square feet of retail space encompassing two spacious floors. The inspiration for the design of the store draws upon Sebago’s New England heritage accented with nautical influences. There is an exceptionally impressive, true-to-life and yacht-inspired staircase that connects the floors. The staircase has brass accents, inset portholes and wall-to-wall wraparound graphics that inspire and place the customers’ state of mind firmly on the New England coast.

The Sebago flagship store is providing customers with the ultimate Sebago heritage experience in a personal fashion lead by the first-hand craftsmanship and premium quality of the Sebago footwear and apparel items. The Regent Street location offers the widest range of Sebago product in the United Kingdom and also features some very unique product collaborations including the brand’s Artisan and Filson collections.

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