Season’s greetings from The Rockford Squire staff

The year 2011 was a significant year for The Rockford Squire newspaper. Known at its birth on February 18, 1871 as The Rockford Weekly Register, the Squire is Rockford’s oldest continu ally operating business. Now 140 years old, the Squire, entwined in the very fabric of Rockford, proudly looks forward to entering the 15th decade of print newspaper coverage of the lives and times of the Rockford community.

The paper has much to be proud of this year. The Squire continues to be a self-sustaining free weekly newspaper solely supported by advertising. Advertising support has been strong and continues to grow.

The paper is particularly proud of the role it played in bringing the title of America’s Favorite Farmers Market to Rockford’s hometown farm market during this year’s nationwide contest. During a 13-week summer campaign, the Squire provided front-page coverage of the hotly contested contest resulting in a record number of votes, in the contest’s history, being cast for a single market venue.

And finally the 15-year run of Rockford’s other newspaper, The Rockford Independent, ended with their final edition on November 22, 2011. In that same edition Robert Stafford, president and CEO of Greenville’s Stafford Media Solutions, the Independent’s parent company, stated as follows, “During the 6 1/2 year ownership of the Rockford Independent newspaper we quite honestly have struggled with the economics of giving the publication life.”

Yes, for 15 years the Squire persevered against stiff competition and we now again find ourselves, where we began at the very beginning and remain today, Rockford’s original and only hometown newspaper.

To this, we owe a huge shout of “Thank you” to our loyal readers and faithful advertisers. Without your patronage, we could not have been successful.

This would be a good time to state, that in spite of the fact newspapers across the country and around the world are ceasing hard copy publication by succumbing to the digital age, that the Squire is committed going forward to providing a handheld weekly print edition of the newspaper. Call us old-fashioned, if you will, but the Squire believes that readers will see the value of a newspaper that provides all manner of local community news in a familiar, sit down with a cup of coffee, print format. Not to say that we have our heads buried in the sand, the Squire also offers up a free easy-to-navigate weekly digital edition of the newspaper at

At the same time, the Squire steadfastly believes that advertisers understand that their ads are seen and read adjacent to hard copy in a newspaper. We believe advertisements in the Squire provide advertisers with the “biggest bang for their bucks.”

Although we are a small-city newspaper, our reach and influence beyond the community is great and demand for the Squire encompasses not only Rockford but Cannonsburg and Belmont on the south, Sparta and Kent City on the west, Cedar Springs, Sand Lake and Howard City on the north, and Greenville, Belding and Lowell on the east. Also included are the townships of Grattan, Ada, Grand Rapids, Cannon, Plainfield, Algoma, Oakfield and Courtland.

Lest we not forget, the Squire would like to thank the many fine businesses, both local and out of area, who generously provide shelving or rack space for distribution of our free weekly newspaper editions (see pick-up locations below). In doing so, theses businesses allow us to augment and increase the paper’s circulation beyond that which is mailed free of charge to the 49341 zip-code Rockford community.

May we remind you that Squire subscriptions make great gifts, especially at this time of year. If you have a loved one or friend who no longer lives in our circulation area but would like to keep abreast of their hometown news, yearly subscriptions are available at a nominal cost. Either $25 locally or $30 per year elsewhere, subscriptions can be set up by simply calling Rockford Publishing Inc. at (616) 866-4465.

Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the staff of your locally owned and original hometown newspaper, The Rockford Squire.

Squire newspaper available near you

Following is a list of nearby locations where The Rockford Squire is dropped off each week of the year and available to the public free of charge.

• Algoma Twp.:

Biggby Coffee (10 Mile/Belmont Rd.)
Little Sack
Meijer Gas Station (Rkfd.)
Meijer Supercenter (Rkfd.)
Mobile Gas/C-Store (10 Mile/Algoma Rd.)

• Belmont:

B.C. Pizza
Belmont Grocery
Florentines Restaurant/Sports Bar

• Cannonsburg:


• Cedar Springs:

Cedar Rock Café
Crazy Horse Saloon
Family Fare Food Center

• Greenville:

Citgo Gas Station (Lincoln Lk./14 Mile Rd.)
Down home Family Restaurant
Halfway Restaurant
Spectrum Health United Memorial Hospital
Winter Inn

• Plainfield Twp./Northland Dr:

Admiral Tobacco
Alley Cat Deli
Family Fare Food Center
Mr. Burger
The Score Restaurant

• Rockford:

Arnie’s Restaurant
Bostwick Bakery
BP Gas/C-Store (10 Mile/Wolverine Blvd.)
BP Gas/Topp Stop (Belding Rd.)
Chase Bank
Citgo Gas (Belding Rd.)
Corner Bar
D&W Fresh Market
Epic Coffee House
Herman’s Boy
Jody’s Restaurant
Lake Bella Vista Mobile Mart (Belding Rd.)|
Marathon Gas/C-Store (Main/Bridge St.)
Marathon Tradin’ Post (10 Mile/Myers Lk. Rd.)
Marinade’s Pizza
Meijer Gas Station
Meijer Super Center
Peppermill Grill Restaurant
Pizzeria Grandé
Ric’s Food Center
Rockford Ace Hardware
Rockford City Hall
Rockford Community Federal Credit Union
The Rockford Squire office|
Rockford Welcome Center (Squires St.)
Rogue River Tavern
Sugar N’ Spice Creamery
Timbers Inn Restaurant
Wash King Laundromat

• Sparta:

Family Fare Food Center

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