Local author offers 99 cent eBooks

Cedar Springs author T. K. Francisco is offering her eBook for just 99 cents.

Local Cedar Springs author, T. K. Francisco is launching her new Christian fiction series, which was recently nominated for 2012 Book of the Year by the Christian Small Publishers Association. The young adult/adult series is a crossover family friendly action-packed adventure for all ages. It’s a combination of Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and Left Behind. “Seven Wings and the Bleeding Twin Flowers” is the first in the series. If you like fantasy, action adventure, futuristic, sci-fi fiction, and/or a family epic adventure, you’ll love this series. It engages readers of all ages, genres and religions.

The story is about a family team of seven who travel 100 years into the future to find a cure for bleeding disorders which have plagued their family for generations. The dual storyline takes place in Cedar Springs, Mich. on the family estate in the year 2027 where the apocalypse has begun. But thanks to eccentric Grandpa Kirk the family has a chance of surviving in his underground bunker.

Through Jaden’s prophetic dreams and the family’s heart-felt desire to find the cure, five family members travel into the sea of glass to the year 2127 and meet up with two future family members who join them on their quest to find what they believe to be the cure: the bleeding twin flowers.

The team of seven travel from Cedar Springs to St. Helena Island, their final destination. Along the way God gives them clues to seven different locations where evil mutated creatures await their arrival. But God sends each team member an angelic animal just in time to defeat the evil in the world.

You can purchase your 99 cent eBook on the Nook or Kindle. For a paperback version of Francisco’s book, visit her website at www.tkfrancisco.com to find a store near you. There is also a chance to win a FREE signed copy of the paperback version! Write a review on Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook, and your name will be put into a drawing. A winner will be announced on February 1, 2012.

When asked why she is offering her eBooks for 99 cents, Francisco said, “Because readers will take a chance on a new author for that price. And once they have read the first book they will definitely want to read the rest of the series.”

The second in the series, “Seven Wings and the Bones of Leviathan” will be released in 2012.

“I am hoping for an early release date, but for sure by September 1,” Francisco stated.

When asked what she hopes readers will take away from this series, her reply was, “I hope my readers will be inspired to spread the word about this astonishing new series that honors God and family through good clean healthy entertainment, which is funny, heartfelt, suspenseful, adventurous and action packed. I also hope readers will be renewed in pursuing God and family in their own lives.”

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