Hydroponic systems available close to home at Northern Lights Garden Supply

Going green has never been so easy

Seeing is believing—Two pumpkin plants started from the same seed at the same time show the difference between a soil-grown plant (on floor) and one grown in a hydroponic system available at Northern Lights Garden Supply.

Northern Lights Garden Supply is ready to grow with Cedar Springs—literally. The one-stop grow shop is located at 141111 White Creek Avenue and is family owned by Jamie Taylor and operated by her husband Jason. The Taylors note that people who live in the area have to drive a considerable distance for specialized gardening supplies such as those offered by Northern Lights. The store includes specialty growing systems and organic supplies that are increasing in popularity. In addition to the store’s wide variety of products, the advice of a professional who understands options, including economic solutions, is another value of shopping locally.

“We are all about displaying the products we sell,” Jamie noted.

In the store, visitors can see the difference in the speed and vigor of plant growth using products sold by the company. The trailing vines and huge leaves of a pumpkin grown in a hydroponic system dwarf one grown in a pot in soil, an amazing demonstration that gardeners can see for themselves in the store.

Jason Taylor, of Northern Lights Garden Supply, pictured in the shop with twin three-year-old daughters Kaia and Chloe.

A three-month-old banana plant, pumpkin, zucchini and flowers growing in the showroom demonstrate indoor options for year-around growing. Jason said it is fun to experiment with growing plants in different mediums—soil, cocoa, and hydroponics—so customers can see the many different ways to grow indoors.

“We support Michigan growing green,” said Jamie. “Hydroponics is our specialty and it is great for the environment. It saves water and uses less than ten percent water than soil-grown plants. It can also be used anywhere and produces up to five times as much as soil in the same space.”

Northern Lights Garden Supply features a wide variety of products from Foxfarm nutrients, Botanicare nutrients, SunHuts, BC Bloom, Humbolt nutrients, Magnum XXX reflectors, Eye Hortilux and Uship bulbs as well as Roots soil. Coming soon will be House and Garden nutrients.

Indoor gardeners from beginners to seasoned vets will find their needs met, and Jason listens with care to customers in order to bring products and supplies shoppers want. Package deals help keep costs down and a complete hydroponics set-up can be as low as $275. Weekly specials are also offered.

Northern Lights Garden Supply is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is reached by telephone at (616) 263-9465. Visit online at northernlightsgardensupply.com.

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