Knights of Columbus crown free-throw champions

Five boys and five girls from Rockford, ages 10-14, were named local champions of the 2012 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship and have earned the right to compete at the district level. Knights of Columbus Bishop Richter Council #7761 in Rockford sponsored the local competition at Our Lady of Consolation gymnasium. All youngsters ages 10 to 14 were eligible to participate.

Five local girls, (l–r) Maggie Schichtel, Kinzie Keller, Cassidy Fought, Morgan Mikowski and Abby DeMaet, are named champions of the 2012 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship.

Maggie Schichtel was the 10-year-old girls champion and Jack Schichtel was the winner of the 10-year-old boys division. In the 11-year-olds bracket, Kinzie Keller was the girls champion and Alec Cote was the boys champion. Twelve-year-old winners in the girls and boys divisions were Cassidy Fought and Ben Gorton. The 13-year-old girls division was won by Morgan Mikowski and the boys by Nick Ludwig. Fourteen-year-old champions were Abby DeMaet in the girls bracket and Jake Herremans in the boys.

Each contestant was allowed 15 free-throw attempts in the contests. Ties were settled by successive rounds of five throws

Local boys, (l–r) Jack Schichtel, Mason Dettloff, Alec Cote, Ben Gorton, Nick Ludwig, and Jake Herremans’ father (Jake not available for photo), are named champions of the 2012 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship.

per contestant until a winner emerged.

Each of the winners will compete in the district competition to be held on February 5, 2012 at Our Lady of  Consolation gymnasium with an eye toward moving on to the regional, state and international levels.

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