Archery complex digs in, Ten Mile goes up

Roadwork expected to last through May


Fill from grade work on the future site of an Olympic style archery complex is being used to raise the grade of Ten Mile Road east of Wolven Avenue by as much as six feet. Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) Director of Engineering Wayne Harroll said contractor Dean’s Excavating was probably able to give a very competitive bid for the two projects as the soil had to travel just a short distance from the complex site to the road just to the north of the complex site.

“This is the second phase of the project and it will be similar to what we did west of Wolven last year,” Harroll said.

The widening of Ten Mile to five lanes from the Rockford Meijer store to Wolven Avenue took place last summer and fall and required no road closure. This spring’s project includes widening the road from Wolven to Childsdale Avenue, including extending culverts to accommodate Ten Mile’s new dimensions, curbs and a bike path on each side of the road.

Harroll said the weather did allow crews to start early, but only by a span of three days or so. He noted that the early weather prompted the asphalt companies to open sooner, making that product available earlier than normal.

Currently traffic is diverted into two lanes on the north side of Ten Mile Road, slowing travel time slightly. As work is finished on the south side of Ten Mile, drivers will be shifted to that side of the road throughout the remainder of the construction.

Crews from KCRC were able to finish more of last year’s project than was expected due to the unseasonably mild fall. Harroll said organizers of the West Michigan Sports Commission (WMSC), who will be building a sports complex south of Ten Mile in Plainfield Township are working with his engineers on their project. Construction of roadways or parking and other site preparation are the responsibility of the WMSC, not that of the KCRC, Harroll said.

Work on this second phase of widening Ten Mile began Wednesday, March 28.

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