Cannonsburg Wood Products to celebrate Earth and Arbor Day with free tree giveaway

Ultimate ‘green industry’ company reduces, reuses, recycles to improve our environment

Cannonsburg Wood Products provides a full range of landscape products to customers throughout lower Michigan.

With a grinder that produces 200 yards of mulch or bark per hour and more than 20 acres of wood scrapes and pallets, tree bark, logs, and mountains of tree brush, the casual observer may wonder what exactly this “green industry” tucked in the woods in northern Kent County is transforming into a multimillion dollar industry. Toss in recycled rubber tires, a building full of reconditioned wood pallets, mushroom compost, bales of pine needles, and industry-regulated environmentally friendly dyes, and the answer may become even further blurred.

Focus on the parade of semi-trucks, the constant buzz of the front end loaders, and the two, eighty-foot-long conveyors building 30-foot mountains of natural, brown, black, gold and red mulch and hardwood, cedar and red pine bark, and the answer is clear. Cannonsburg Wood Products, a family owned business founded in 1975 to build and recondition pallets, is full throttle, manufacturing, coloring, shipping and distributing a full range of landscape products to commercial businesses and residential customers throughout lower Michigan.

White pine spruce is one of two types of trees to be given away this month.

Cannonsburg Wood Products (CWP) extends its green product line with 100 percent recycled rubber NuPlay mulch for playground surfaces and Rubberiffic mulch for landscaping; mushroom compost, an organic soil bi-product of growing mushrooms; and reconditioning and recycling wood pallets.

Owner Dave Powers describes his operation as the “ultimate green industry. We are reducing, reusing, and recycling wood products, rubber, and organic waste to grow a two million dollar business and employ hardworking Michigan residents. Plus, our efforts make our customers look good—and happy. Because we manufacture our wood landscape products and color onsite, we can ensure top quality and consistency load after load. And, our landscape products help conserve water, reduce pest damage, cut down on labor and maintenance, thereby reducing gas and emissions, and ultimately save our customers money. Plus, our help with ‘curb appeal’ can help increase property values: a benefit in this downturn economy.”

Austrian pine Norway spruce trees are available for free with each order placed with Cannonsburg Wood Products April 20-28, 2012.

CWP produces approximately 150,000 yards of mulch products per year. To visualize these four-story-plus mountains, this is the equivalent of more than 1,070 semi-truckloads filled to the brim. CWP also recycles thousands of pallets per year, reducing landfill waste.

Perhaps CWP’s unsung hero in the recycling world is a gardener’s secret weapon: mushroom compost. This is a highly organic, steam-cleaned bi-product of the material used to grow mushrooms. It provides nutrients and plant structure support to plant beds and new lawns. Rather than discard the product, CWP sells it in bulk to commercial and retail customers as a top rated fertilizer.

In honor of Earth Day, April 22, and Arbor Day, April 27, CWP is offering customers a free one-gallon white pine spruce or Austrian pine Norway spruce with each order placed April 20-28, 2012, or while supplies last. Cannonsburg Wood Products is committed to replanting and hopes its customers will join them in helping improve our planet.

For more information about CWP, visit their website at or call (616) 866-4459.

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