Scouting for Opportunities: Rockford School’s Partnership with the Scouts

Director of Operations
Rockford Public Schools

Springtime is here and the demands that come with outdoor activities bring a sense of urgency to the Rockford Public Schools’ grounds and maintenance departments. Falling behind is not an option as teams hit the fields as soon as the snow melts away.

One of the sure signs of spring is the letter, phone call, or e-mail I will receive from local Scout troop leaders asking, “How can we help?” This outstanding program assists in spring clean-up for areas of the district that often are passed up for a later date when we are forced to prioritize.

Looking back, I don’t want to take for granted the efforts to improve our community by the local Scout troops.

In past years, the Eagle Scout projects completed for the school district and community are too numerous to give individual mention and recognition. These groups of outstanding individuals do not offer their assistance for the recognition, but rather for the opportunity to be productive members of the community. The individual perseverance and commitment to acquiring the signatures, materials, donations and approval to fulfill the mandatory requirements is commendable.

In this day and age when Facebook, Twitter and video games dominate adolescent culture, it is refreshing to have a group of young people committed to hard work and traditional values. These individuals are not afraid to get outdoors, work hard, and provide a valuable service to their community.

“The Boy Scouts of America believes—and, through over a century of experience, knows—that helping youth is a key to building a more conscientious, responsible and productive society (see Rockford Public Schools is proud to partner with organizations like the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America that share these core values.

As a department, we are proud to share in an opportunity for young people to develop valuable skills, a sense of accomplishment, and ultimately a connection to their community. We truly appreciate all that they do, and hope to continue this valuable partnership for many more years to come. Thanks, Scouts!

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