CMU announces fall semester honors students

Central Michigan University’s fall semester honors list includes Rockford students sophomore Lindsey Blodgett, sophomore Breanna Bowen, freshman Bailey Bryant, senior Stacey Chrisman, freshman Eileen Clark, sophomore Molly Clark, senior Alivia Conner, sophomore Ryan Darby, sophomore Andrea Dejong, freshman Devinie DeZeeuw, senior Julie Dudderar, junior Megan Ellinger, sophomore Nicole Feinauer, freshman Kailey Geldhof, freshman Andrew Gigowski, junior Ryan Gigowski, junior Jamie Gile, sophomore Noah Greco, junior Megan Griffis, freshman Mackenzie Guest, sophomore Bethany Hicks, senior Bryant Hicks, sophomore Emily Joseph, freshman Kaitlin Karasiewicz, sophomore Sarah King, sophomore Ellen Kuczynski, junior Kalyn Langfeldt, senior Aaron Linsley, senior Amanda Mikrut, freshman Daniel Norman, sophomore Amelia Randall, freshman Lindsey Ray, senior Elizabeth Roelse, senior Kathryn Sakala, senior Elizabeth Schnepp, freshman Frank Scogg, freshman Ashley Sissell, senior Jenna Timm, senior Ashley Voss, senior Lindsay Walrath, sophomore Daniel Wernet, and sophomore Christopher Willis.

The list also includes Belmont students sophomore Kyle Cook, senior Ashley Ek, senior Meredith Harmon, junior Olivia Nielsen, sophomore Brandon Roberts, sophomore Chelsea Shibler, sophomore Nicole Siderius, junior Brian Talsma, junior Laura Todd, and freshman Kipp Tremlin; Cedar Springs students freshman Sebastian Andringa, senior James Becker, senior Leah Haadsma, sophomore Darleena Haukedahl, senior Nicole Howe, sophomore Amanda Mann, sophomore Kylie O’Hara, and senior Rebecca Tackmann; Sparta students sophomore Nicholas Arends, junior Marianne Brown, sophomore Katelyn Cnossen, freshman Halley Love, sophomore Dexter McKellar, sophomore Spencer McKellar, junior Samantha Pfeffer, and junior Amanda Shoemaker; and Greenville students freshman Seth Barker, junior Chauntel Bennett, senior Addie Clark, junior Shelby Deane, sophomore Kathrine Despain, freshman Courtney Gibbs, junior Mark Gustin, senior Ashley Kassuba, junior Morgan MacDermaid, senior Jessie Marshall, and senior Jenna Stegall.

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