Crestwood presents Van Eck as Example in Excellence

The happiness she spreads to others brightens every day

Chloe Van Eck is one of 14 students featured in this year’s “Examples in Excellence—Rockford Students Making a Difference.” Photo by DOUGLAS PHOTOGRAPHY

Chloe Van Eck is the daughter of Jennifer and Todd and sister to Madeline, in ninth grade, and William, fourth grade.

Chloe is a student that shows perseverance. School work and social situations can sometimes be tough and Chloe always takes the proper steps to make the right choices. Described by her teachers as having a strong sense of leadership, Chloe is a helper at school to many other students. If someone is struggling, she is there to help! Her genuine kindness is obvious to both her classmates and adults.

“We have watched Chloe stop bullying situations and suggest better strategies,” staff at Crestwood report. “She is the type of person who will stop and ask someone if they are doing okay even if she has to go out of her way to help.”

Chloe volunteers to visit a Korean War veteran—“adopted” by her family—who suffered a brain tumor and has no family of his own. She enjoys playing games and working on puzzles with him, helping him with yard work at his home and generally just loves spending time with him.  She is trying to make a positive difference in his life.

Chloe is always most excited to spend her own money to give to others less fortunate. Each Christmas her family purchases gifts for the Operation Christmas Child program through their church, but Chloe insists on using her own money, too. Chloe has a Christ-like attitude when she makes sure other people’s needs are met before her own.

With a smile on her face every day, Chloe always asks, “What can I do to help you today?” Her energy and caring are obvious, as well as is her magnetic personality, determination and energy. She is known for consistently looking out for other people, being sincere, tender-hearted, kind and loving.

The happiness Chloe spreads to others brightens their day. She is the type of student who has already made the decision that nothing is too hard.

A tennis player, Chloe also enjoys playing the piano, swimming, horseback riding, boating, saltwater fishing, singing and vacations.

She is a member of Calvary Church, where this year her Sunday School group is committed to memorizing the entire third chapter of the Book of James in the Bible. She also attends a small group Bible study.

For her magnetic personality, strong faith and values, and the way she acts on her beliefs in all she does, Chloe Van Eck is clearly an enthusiastic Example in Excellence at Crestwood Elementary School.

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