New technology to ease orthodontic anxiety

The team at Brieden & Miller Orthodontics is excited to announce the addition of two new technologies which are going to make the orthodontic experience more enjoyable.

If you have ever dreaded having an impression taken at the orthodontist’s office you don’t have to any longer. Brieden & Miller has invested in the iTero digital scanner to reduce the anxiety in impression taking by eliminating the impression material. With the new digital scanner, the positions of your teeth are recorded by a beam of light. The patient and doctor will be able to see the 3D image on the computer screen as it is being created. Improved accuracy and immediate feedback on the quality of impressions will make retaking impressions a thing of the past. The images can then be sent to a lab or Invisalign for immediate appliance fabrication, reducing the amount of time waiting for treatment to begin.

Reducing the amount of time in braces or Invisalign has always been the dream for orthodontic patients. Now it is a reality. Brieden & Miller is one of the first offices to combine traditional orthodontics with the new AcceleDent system. This treatment combination has been shown to reduce orthodontic treatment times by 38 to 50 percent. By taking what orthopedists and physical therapists have been using for years to accelerate bone and wound healing the AcceleDent system is bringing to orthodontics. A simple handheld device is used to convey gentle vibrations at a specific frequency to your teeth, which stimulates bone cells to allow for faster tooth movement. This combination of orthodontics and technology will be perfect for those who want to look their best for that upcoming wedding, reunion, or other important event. This will also be perfect for those busy people who don’t have the time or patience for the regular two-year orthodontic treatment.

Brieden & Miller invites you to call their office for a complimentary exam and discover how the new advancements can benefit you.

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