Business Relay team sets goal of $4,000

The Rockford Business Center houses H&S Companies, HS&C Wealth Management, Blakeslee Rop PLC, and The White Insurance Agency, which are part of the Northland Drive Business Group Relay for Life team along with Blakeslee & Son Inc. from down the road.

The Rockford Business Center includes H&S Companies, HS&C Wealth Management, Blakeslee Rop PLC, and The White Insurance Agency. The Center, along with Blakeslee & Son Inc., is participating in the Rockford Relay for Life on May 18. The group’s relay team name is the Northland Drive Business Group, and their goal is to raise $4,000.

So far, the Northland Drive Business Group has raised just under $1,000 through several initiatives.

H&S Companies and HS&C Wealth Management have contributed with “Jeans for a Cause” Fridays. Team members typically are not allowed to wear jeans on Friday, but if they donate $5 for Relay for Life, they are allowed to do so through the race date. H&S Companies has over 60 employees companywide participating in the initiative, which began in February 2012.

“The Northland Drive Business Group is excited to work together to raise money for Race for a Cure,” said Tim Caywood, financial advisor. “Our businesses all have strong commitments to the community. We are thrilled to be able to work together to raise money to try to find a cure for something that affects so many of our friends and families here in Rockford, and throughout the world.”

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