New Rockford resident shares health expertise in book

Dr. Linda Solomon brings whole food nutrition expertise to Rockford.

When a certain Hollywood action actor found himself threatened with the prospect of having his career brought to an abrupt end if he didn’t get off some excess weight, he knew exactly who to call. He sent for Dr. Linda Solomon and her husband, “Dr. Marvin.” Together, they had worked with celebrities in and out of “Tinsel-town.” Working together in Southern California and Mexico, Drs. Linda and Marvin were recognized as pioneers in the natural health movement, using diet change, supplementation, and various forms of natural therapies that were considered very experimental and even a bit controversial at the time. Their methods were, however, effective, and many of them are in general use today. Sadly, “Dr. Marvin” has passed away, having been hit by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Solomon continued her chiropractic and nutritional practice in a small town in Pennsylvania for several more years, where she worked with local Mennonites, Amish, and others from local communities as well as people who arrived from places as distant as Washington, D.C., Michigan, and even Washington state! One of those was a Michigan chiropractor who relocated to Pennsylvania to work with her. Together they went to Washington, D.C., where Dr. Solomon has two sons who are also practicing chiropractors.

Always the pioneer, Dr. Solomon first became interested in natural health methods at age 20, when an uncle used a strict all-natural diet to help himself overcome cancer. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., she suffered from severe asthma, allergies and skin problems. She recalls that her parents had rushed her to the hospital many times, afraid for her life. Once she began to learn about the value of organic food as medicine, there was no turning back. She began to study healthy lifestyles and applied it to her own life with outstanding results.

When she became pregnant with her first child in the mid ‘60s, she looked into the usual birthing procedures and didn’t like what she discovered. Now drug-free and healthy because of her “alternative” methods, she wanted the same for her children. The usual methods of delivery didn’t appeal to her at all. So she found a willing midwife, and had her son in a home setting in New York City. Soon, over 200 other women followed her example and together they formed the Association for Educated Childbirth, which counseled and helped women who wanted a better birth experience than was being offered at the time. She was the subject of an article in the New York Times, appeared on a New York talk show on natural childbirth, and much of her work has helped pave the way for many modern birthing reforms.

In the 1970s she moved from the Big Apple to a farm in New Jersey, where she grew organic vegetables and formed a food co-op. Children from a local school worked on the farm learning from her the important role food plays in the processes of life.

Then, in 1976, she met “Dr. Marvin.” He gave Solomon her first chiropractic adjustment. “I knew right then I would become a chiropractor”, she remembers. “It was the one thing that had been missing in my search for perfect health. I just felt this surge of energy!”

Although they became friends, “Dr. Marvin” didn’t know of her decision. He moved to Mexico to work in alternative clinics there and they lost touch. Solomon went on to college and received her DC degree in 1984 and practiced in Philadelphia for 10 years. Among her patients were local and national celebrities, including a member of “The Partridge Family.” Working closely with a local dentist, she had great success with TMJ problems as well.

Immediately before opening her practice, she spent a few months on a mountaintop in Hawaii, working with a doctor who only took “hopeless” cases and got relatively good results with extraordinary means. There, she learned much of the work she now incorporates in her practice.

After Philadelphia, it was off to Southern California and a reunion with her old friend, whom she soon married.

During her 10 years with “Dr. Marvin,” in addition to working with Hollywood celebrities, Dr. Solomon met and shared information with such notables as Ann Wigmore (the wheat grass guru), and helped Dr. Gabriel Cousins with patients at his facility in Arizona.

“Our work predates all of the currently popular raw and natural food advocates,” Dr. Solomon commented.

This healthy lifestyles pioneer is also a certified clinician in whole food nutrition. She has authored her own book, “Stop the Clock,” which is her contribution to a generation of “Boomers” who want to stay healthy and active and look good in the process. She has also been a teacher and lecturer, sharing her vast knowledge of the health restoring and “fat burning” benefits of healthy, organic foods, on both the east and west coasts. She has the distinction of having been one of the very earliest raw food chefs.

Now, with 50 years of experience in using organic natural foods to help others and nearly 30 years as a practicing chiropractor, Dr. Linda Solomon has chosen to continue her career here in Rockford. She specializes in using her holistic approach to help people rejuvenate their health, with stubborn weight problems and chronic health conditions where conventional treatments are ineffective or non-existent. She stresses that she doesn’t treat the problem; she works to help the patient recover naturally by determining what’s contributing to the heath problem, then educates the patient about what’s needed to change the unwanted condition.

Perhaps her most unusual service is that she will take clients shopping. One of the biggest challenges in eating well is discovering where to find the really healthy foods, and being able to separate out the things the food industry disguises as “natural,” which are really harmful to the body. Her skills in sorting this out can only be effectively taught in a hands-on fashion.

Dr. Solomon’s new office, All Natural Chiropractic and Nutrition, is located at the corner of Belding and Bella Vista at Lake Bella Vista. She is now taking appointments and is offering a complimentary consultation to anyone who is interested in changing to a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Solomon is also available for talks and workshops to groups of any size and plans to offer classes in whole food nutrition and natural weight loss. Call (616) 874-5300 or (616) 916-1616 to make your appointment. She may also be contacted by e-mail at

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