Treat yourself, help raise for charity on Donut Day

Bostwick Bakery to donate 25 percent of week’s take to Cancer Society


It can be argued that any morning can be improved by a cup of coffee and a donut, and from May 28 to June 3, stopping in to Bostwick Bakery for your daily dose of caffeine and sugar will also benefit the fight to find a cure for cancer.

Houston Moyer is learning the business at Bostwick Bakery from his dad, Mike, and proposed celebrating National Donut Day in honor of his grandmother, Trella Moyer, formerly of Country Vineyard down Belding Road from Bostwick Bakery. Trella, who ran the business with Houston’s grandfather, is recently deceased after a brave battle against cancer.

Houston shared the patriotic history of Donut Day, created in 1938 by the Salvation Army in honor of the women volunteers who served donuts to the American soldiers of World War I. At the time, in France, the Salvation Army volunteers had a hard time finding good fresh baked goods so instead came up with giving the soldiers donuts (which are also a good fresh baked good) and the soldiers loved the change.

Houston Moyer is the second generation in leadership at Bostwick Bakery. Learning the trade from his dad, Mike, Moyer came up with a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society the week of June 1. He is holding the event in honor of his grandmother, Trella, who is no longer living.

Pairing a delightful product with an important charity, Bostwick Bakery hopes to remind people of the patriotic tradition of Donut Day, which is held annual on June 1. In honor of Trella and her fight with cancer, the bakery is donating 25 percent of donut sales from May 28 to June 3 to the American Cancer Society.

Many may have known Trella, who was a lifelong Rockford resident, who grew up in downtown Rockford and lived for the last 35 years enjoying beautiful Silver Lake with her husband, Richard Moyer.

Houston is excited about his business celebrating Donut Day for a good cause, and looks forward to his increasing role in the management of the bakery, which has been at its location at 8570 Belding Road for 40 years and has been run by his father the last 20 or so years. Currently the accountability manager, Houston has been working at the family business the last three years, and is studying business administration at Grand Rapids Community College before he takes the next step of continuing his schooling at a four-year college.

“It’s been fun,” Houston said, noting that his duties gradually grow as he learns the trade. “I catch a responsibility here and there.”

He said business has been good, but picking up with spring weather. He also enjoys interacting with the regular customers, who shared with him that they also enjoy the friendly, upbeat staff at the local bakery.

Stop by for a delicious donut between May 28 and June 3 and celebrate National Donut Day for the good work of the American Cancer Society. While you are there, you can see what other treats the bakery has to offer.

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