May 31, 2012

Area residents pay tribute to military veterans and personnel

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by CINDY M. CRANMER Area residents gathered for Memorial Day 2012 to show their respect for those who paid the ultimate price for freedom and those who have served our country. Activities occurred in several local areas, including Rockford, Belmont, Algoma Township and Cedar Springs. “We need to celebrate everyone who risks their lives for us,” said Schuyler VanStee, 8, of Hastings, who was at the Rockford Memorial parade on Monday, May 28 with family who live in Rockford. From thanking veterans and posting slogans on Facebook such as “All gave some and some gave all” and “Some gave up their tomorrows for our todays” to attending Memorial Day parades to visiting the cemetery, people showed their support for veterans and active duty military personnel in a variety of ways. Area activities in Rockford included a flag-raising ceremony, the Memorial Day parade, a ceremony at Rockford Cemetery and a wreath ceremony at the Rockford post of the American Legion. During a memorial ceremony that took place as part of the Memorial Day parade, Clyde Sinclair, commander of the American Legion Merritt Lamb Post 102, spoke after the Rockford High School marching band played the National Anthem. “We need to acknowledge their death because they chose to cherish freedom so much they sacrificed their own lives,” Sinclair said. “We fight because we believe not that war is good, but that it may be the price of freedom. The heart of America is freedom.” “The valor, dignity and courage of men and women remain the same,” Sinclair said of those who served from the earliest military to those currently serving. “We need to remember the past and look to the future. The cost of independence remains high,” Sinclair added. “Many brave soldiers have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country and more will.” A Memorial Day address was given by Chaplain Cliff Owens, a retired corporal from the United States Army, at Rockford Cemetery. The cemetery service also included the National Anthem performed by the Rockford Middle School bands, a prayer of invocation and a 21-gun salute followed by “Taps.” Owens talked about the history of Memorial Day and the hundreds of thousands of men and women who died in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War […]

What Memorial Day Means to Me

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by MADDIE LYALS, age 9 Many people think Memorial Day is about getting the pool ready or for having picnics because summer is starting soon and the weather will get warm, but what it means to me is spending time with family and for remembering all the soldiers who died for our country. I’m thankful for the wonderful soldiers who put their life at risk to protect us and keep us safe. This day could be a different occasion but it is meant for us to remember all our brave soldiers. Remember that they gave their lives for you and me so be thankful, happy and proud that you are here right now because of them.

Rockford’s top 10 academic graduates honored

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The Squire is proud to present Rockford High School’s top ten students according to their amazing high school grade-point average. We also applaud all graduates on reaching this milestone achievement and wish this year’s students all the best as they move on to the next achievements of their lives. Julia Ceglowski Julia Ceglowski is Rockford’s highest academic student with a grade-point average of 4.644. The daughter of Dan and Andrea Ceglowski, she is sister to Peter, 15. Julia is an Advanced Placement Scholar, a Rockford Public Schools “Example in Excellence” and an All State athlete in water polo. In other activities besides studies and sports, Julia also enjoys puzzles and reading to younger students at Valley View Elementary School. She is a volunteer at the Kent County Humane Society, where she loves to play with and walk dogs that are awaiting adoption. She also volunteers at Spring Hill Camps and is a tutor. Julia goes on to Colgate University, where she will study mathematics. At Rockford Public Schools, Julia said she has learned to “never take life too seriously and try new things.” Kendra Bilardello Kendra Anjali Bilardello is ranked second i academic among her graduating class of 2012 with a grade-point average of 4.631. She is the daughter of Dave and Michelle Bilardello and sister to Taylor, 16. Among Kendra’s accomplishments during her years at Rockford are completion of seven Advanced Placement classes. She is the winner of the Harvard Book Award, a member of the National Honor Society, an Advanced Placement Scholar and has been recognized as Student of the Month. She is also a veteran of Grand Rapids Community College mathematics competitions. In addition to her hard work in her studies, Kendra is a four-year varsity crew athlete who also played basketball for Rockford for two years. She has been the crew website coordinator and a volunteer for Mitchell’s Run Thru Rockford. She has also coached and refereed community camps and games. Also talented in language, Kendra has completed a Spanish course at La Universidad de Granada, Spain. Kendra is a member of Our Lady of Consolation Catholic Church. As the next step in her bright academic career, Kendra is going to study at University of Notre Dame in Science, Technology, Engineering […]


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by TERRY KONKLE President, Rockford Area Historical Society Recently I have spoken with several people about some of my “Nuggets of Rockford History” questions. Helen Hessler and Gene Berry knew that the “Golden R” meets on the last Saturday of June each year and honors the Rockford High School class that has currently reached the 50-year mark. Other classes prior to 1962 are also included with many represented. This year the class of 1962 will be featured, and it is a special group for me. I was their class advisor in my second year of teaching. Actually, they taught me a lot. My wife and I will be at the “Golden R” meeting and also at the class reunion later that day. I had a nice phone conversation with Patty Burch, who had favorable things to say about Zell Gill. Later, at a meeting I attended, Steve Ellis told me that Zell had influenced him to serve on various groups. He mentioned the Library Board and H.U.D. Zell influenced a “good” man. Then, at Arlo Elkins’ Memorial service, his brother Dan mentioned that he knew Ruth Streeter and Zell Gill and had read my questions about them. Dan is a member of the class of 1962 and will attend the reunion next month. One way that he keeps in touch with our town is by reading The Rockford Squire. Here is a new “Nuggets of Rockford History” question, which was prompted by the recent sightings of a bear in our area. “What well-known Rockford person kept a bear caged on his property for a time?” Contact me at (616) 866-0530 with your answers and comments. On Thursday, June 7, the historical society will have its annual potluck meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Community Cabin, 220 N. Monroe St., Rockford. Officers will be elected for our new season. The meeting will be our last until we begin new programs in September. The society, as a group, does not meet in June, July or August, but our board and committees will continue to work. As readers know, we have a lot going on, and I will continue to keep people informed. We will set up at the present museum location for the Start of Summer Celebration […]

Ric’s Secret Sale features super hot values

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David Brickner, store director at Ric’s Food Center, 6767 Belding Road, is pleased to announce another of the store’s super popular Super Secret Sales on Friday, June 8. “Maybe it is because it gives some new people a chance to see what a terrific store we have, or the really super hot values, but people love these sales,” Brickner said of the popularity of the events. The store is becoming known for the frequency of timely events and specials, from the Taste of Ric’s free sampling days to Saturday afternoon beer- and wine-tasting, and now the secret sales. Limits are restricted on the amounts of the sale items to ensure that patrons throughout the day are able to take part in the “secret sales.” According to Brickner, four or five items from each of the grocery store’s departments are offered at “super hot values.” This upcoming super sale is the fourth for the Rockford Ric’s store, which are offered about once every two months. Be sure to stop in and see what the sale items are and check out the store’s other great regular values.

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