East Rockford Middle School Students of the Month for March 2012

Kendra Kalnins

6th Grade
Health Quest Magnet

Kendra’s parents are Ed and Julia. Her brother, Troy, is in the fifth grade. She attended Lakes Elementary. Kendra enjoys reading and competing in swim with Riptide. Her favorites include Math with Mrs. Knudsen, ice cream, the movie “The Great Outdoors,” and books by Lemony Snicket. Kendra hopes to become a marine biologist. She admires her swim coach, who always believes in Kendra and pushes her when she feels she cannot do something. Kendra is proud of being short, because that helps her as an athlete.




Kirkland Broekstra

6th Grade
Structures Magnet

Kirk’s parents are Jason and Teresa. His siblings are kindergartener, Dylan, and third-grader, Rachel. He also has a dog named Chewy. He attended Meadowridge Elementary. Kirk enjoys baseball, football and reading. His favorites are Language Arts class with Mr. Allers, eating crab, the book “Son of Neptune,” and University of Michigan. If he could take a dream vacation, he would travel to Colorado. Kirk looks up to his dad, who is smart and athletic, but also works hard. He is proud of making the all-star team for baseball.




Danielle Pellerito

7th Grade

Danielle is the daughter of Bill and Susan. Her brothers are ninth-grader Tyler and fifth-grader Jacob. She also has a cat named Maggie. Danielle attended Meadowridge Elementary. She plays volleyball for ERMS and also plays soccer. In addition to playing sports, Danielle also enjoys going to MVP, hanging out with her friends and family, and volunteering. Danielle’s favorite class is Speech & Drama with Mrs. Klaes, her favorite food is spaghetti, and her favorite movie is “Footloose.” She would like to become a kindergarten teacher. Danielle admires her mom, who Danielle describes as a person that is always happy and someone that tries to cheer people up when a situation is bad. She is very proud of earning good grades.

Ty Dalton

7th Grade

Ty is the son of Pat and Nanci. His siblings include ninth-grader Rylie and fourth-graders Max and Regan. He also has three lizards and a dog. Ty attended Crestwood Elementary. He plays basketball and soccer and also enjoys hanging out with friends. Ty’s favorites include Wood Tech with Mr. Wackerle, pickles, the movie “Battle L.A.,” and Indiana University. Ty admires his dad and would like to follow in his footsteps, by playing college soccer and coaching. He is proud of having fun with soccer.




Mollie Strunk

8th Grade

Mollie’s parents are Joshua and Leslie. Her sister, Lecia, is in the fifth grade, and she also has a dog named Sassy. Mollie attended Crestwood Elementary. She is very involved at ERMS, participating in choir, stage crew for the play, National Junior Honor Society, and LEO club. She also plays the piano and is self-taught on guitar and ukulele. Mollie also likes to read books from the Percy Jackson series and eating pizza. She would love a career as a veterinarian and would like to travel to China. Mollie admires her parents and teachers, who are encouraging and help her to excel and also to stay grounded. She is proud of earning good grades and being selected as Student of the Month.

Jonah Nelson

8th Grade

Jonah’s parents are Ken and Amy. His sister, Chloe, is a sixth-grader at ERMS. Jonah attended Crestwood Elementary. Jonah is the vice-president of ERMS Student Council, and participates with National Junior Honor Society, LEO club, and plays trombone in the band, which is his favorite class. Jonah also plays drums for a church band and plays bass in another band. His favorite food is popcorn and his favorite movie is “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.” Jonah would like a career as a social worker. He admires his parents. His mom helps him with school and his dad helps him with life lessons and goals. Jonah is proud of earning good grades.

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