North Rockford Middle School Students of the Month for April-May 2012

Lilianna Guerra

6th Grade
Fine Arts Magnet

Lilianna is the daughter of Heather and Ed Guerra. She has two brothers, Nick and Lucas, as well as a dog named Shelby. Lilianna attended Roguewood Elementary and is actively involved with volleyball and softball. Her favorite colleges are Grand Valley and Michigan. Her favorite class is P.E. and her favorite teacher is Mrs. Ferguson. She really enjoys the Hunger Games books and likes to listen to music by Britt Nicole. The person that she admires the most is her magnet teacher Mrs. Ferguson, and she is most proud of going to state for all-stars last year.



Nicholas Besta

6th Grade
Community Service Magnet

Nicholas is the son of Maria and Pat Besta. He has a brother, Joseph, as well as a dog and a cat. Nicholas attended Belmont Elementary School and is very involved with Odyssey of the Mind and the hydroponic garden in his classroom. Nicholas also enjoys basketball, tennis, and playing video games. His favorite college is Michigan and his career goal is to have a good job and a family. Nick’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Hodges, he loves to eat steak and he really enjoys Austin Powers movies. He likes to listen to music by the Black Eyed Peas and read the Harry Potter books. The people that he admires the most are his parents. Nicholas is most proud of his family, and for taking 10th place in the World at Odyssey of the Mind.


Hailey Harju

7th Grade

Hailey is the daughter of Nedra and Gus Harju. She has a brother, Colin, as well as a dog named Zuko, a cat named Salem, a rabbit named Fluffy, a horse named Sugar, and a hamster named Alexandro. Hailey attended Valley View Elementary and is active in our equestrian team. She also plays the piano and clarinet. Hailey’s favorite college is Wisconsin, and she hopes to become a large-animal vet one day. Her favorite class is Eastern Hemisphere with Mr. Barr. Hailey’s other favorites include eating soft shell tacos, reading the Harry Potter series, the “Hunger Games” movie and listening to Adele. She is most proud of being a Mackinac Island Honor Scout, and the people that she admires the most are her parents.


Alec DenBraber

7th Grade

Alec is the son of Brad and Trina DenBraber. He has a sister, Elise, and a dog named Izzy. Alec attended Roguewood Elementary and is active in basketball and soccer. His favorite college is Michigan State and he would like to specialize in mathematics. His favorites include Mr. Gabriel’s Religious Education class, eating hot dogs, the movie “Tower Heist,” “The Lost Hero” book and music from Nickelback. He is most proud of his grades and the person that he admires the most is his dad.




Carley Behrendt

8th Grade

Carley is the daughter of Catherine and Kurt Behrendt. She has a brother, Tiff, as well as two cats and one dog. She attended Roguewood Elementary and is actively involved in Odyssey of the Mind and National Junior Honor Society. In her free time she enjoys watercolor painting and reading. Carley hopes to become either a teacher or a writer someday. Carley’s favorites include English class, eating chocolate, the Harry Potter movie “The Goblet of Fire,” the Harry Potter books and music from Eclips. Carley is most proud of her Odyssey of the Mind team’s accomplishments.




Bradley Sanders

8th Grade

Bradley is the son of Eldon and Julie Sanders. He has two sisters, Megan and Laura, and a dog named Oreo. He attended Parkside Elementary. Brad is currently playing tennis for North Middle and was also a member of the A basketball team. His hobbies include playing the piano, fishing, and watching movies. Some of Brad’s favorites include eating pasta, the Jason Bourne movies, and his favorite book is “The Bible.” He is most proud of having a strong Christian family.

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