Reader thanks Good Samaritan

Dear Editor,

My sincere gratitude goes to the person who turned in my purse to Family Fare on Northland Drive the afternoon of May 22. I’m not aware of your identity but will always remember your integrity. Thank you!

Lorraine Dice
Belmont resident

Kindergarten Program Change to All Day, Every Day

Dear Kindergarten Parents:

The House and Senate recently passed school aid bills which require school districts to provide all-day every day kindergarten in order to receive full funding. Therefore, it will be my recommendation to the Board of Education that we implement all-day every day kindergarten and developmental kindergarten beginning the fall of 2012.

As you may know, we have worked over the past two years to keep the decision regarding kindergarten at the local level for several reasons, including the financial impact of all-day every day kindergarten. (For information on how all-day every day kindergarten will financially impact Rockford Public Schools, please see my previous letters on the district website.) Thank you for your patience throughout that process. I have advocated that this decision be delayed until the financial condition of public school funding has improved. Mandating an all-day every day schedule during a financial crisis is not in the best interest of all students, developmental kindergarten through 12th grade.

Teachers and administrators will now finalize plans for the new kindergarten program, including staffing, professional development, curriculum, transportation, classroom materials and supplies, and communication. Additional information about your child’s program will be provided by your elementary school.

If you have any questions on this topic, feel free to contact your child’s principal. Thank you.

Dr. Michael S. Shibler
Superintendent of Schools
Rockford Public Schools

Family extends thanks

Dear Editor,

Arlo Elkins’ passing has left a huge hole in our family. His personality was big and his loyalty to his family and loved ones was fierce. His laugh was infectious and one of a kind. He was dearly loved and will be tremendously missed. Thanks to everyone that has prayed, called and written. We are touched and so grateful.

The Elkins family

Column brings many fond memories

Dear Editor,

I couldn’t help but smile when I read Terry Konkle’s column of May 3, regarding Zell Gill.

Not having seen his original trivia question, I would still like to add my voice to the many others who remember “Mrs. Gill” (as my children called her). Her effervescent personality, her knowledge of the library, and her ability to go directly to the shelf and pull any book requested or comment that it was out of circulation, made her the epitome of what every librarian should be.

My children remember fondly the story times Mrs. Gill conducted, and when they read Terry Konkle’s article they commented with appreciation.

As we were new to the area in the 1960s, Mrs. Gill was “Miss Rockford” for me, symbolizing small town hospitality.

God bless you, Zell Gill.

Marcia Schutte
Belmont resident

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