Cedar Springs Area Chamber reborn

The Cedar Springs Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the organization’s resurgence. Sixteen businesses in the Cedar Springs area have banded together to found a new Cedar Springs Area Chamber of Commerce.

The group has been meeting regularly over the last couple of months, as well as communicating through e-mail and Facebook about what they hope to bring to businesses and the community through the new Chamber.

“This rebirth is an exciting time for the business community, as they look ahead to what Cedar Springs could become,” said interim president Shawn Kiphart. “The new chamber plans to organize community events, and offer resources to businesses such as advertising, communications, a voice, representation and support with local and state government issues, business education, and more.”

The chamber is now legally incorporated, and is working on adopting their bylaws and setting up a fee structure.

The businesses have talked about hosting a meet and greet with legislative candidates, creating new community events to draw business downtown such as Fun Fridays (with hot dog stands and fun activities), sidewalk sales, and more.

They have created a Facebook page called Cedar Springs Area Chamber of Commerce (which already has 51 members), and will be working on a new website as well.

The chamber created an interim board of directors at its last meeting that will serve for six months, to get things off the ground. A new board will then be elected at its annual meeting. The interim board consists of Shawn Kiphart, Take Two Game Shop, LLC, President; Judy Reed, Cedar Springs Post and freelance writer, VP of Communications; Sally Howland, Cedar Chest, VP of Operations; Kelly Roach, Alpha Omega Coffee and Games, Secretary; Brynadette Powell, Arthur K. Eggerding Realtor, trustee; Michele Andres, Red Flannel Festival, trustee; Janice Hill, re-enactor, trustee; and Keith Hall, The Grilling Company, trustee.

The Chamber will meet again Monday at 7:30 p.m. at Perry’s Place, 90 N. Main, at the corner of Main and Maple streets, to adopt their bylaws. For more information, e-mail the Cedar Springs Chamber of Commerce at info@csacoc.com. Their mailing address is PO Box 465, Cedar Springs MI 49319.

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