Reader shares story of neighborly kindness

Dear Editor,

We wanted to share a good citizen story. I ran an errand to Ric’s Market, not knowing that my husband’s wallet and car keys were on the trunk of my car. They made it all the way to Myers Lake Road and we found the wallet (mostly empty) in the dark around 11:30 p.m. The next morning, a Kent County Deputy Sheriff came to our house with the rest of the contents of his wallet and the keys, which had ended up on the side of the road. Bill Larsen (a backyard neighbor we didn’t know) had turned in everything (including cash) to be returned to us. He refused any reward, and just asked that if the opportunity presents itself, we return the favor and “pay it forward” to someone else. We will, Bill—and thanks again!

Bob and Diane Jones
Cannon Township residents

Reelect current board members to stay on course of fiscal responsibility, community improvement

Dear Editor,

I am writing to urge residents of Cannon Township to vote in the August 7 primary elections for incumbents Steve Grimm (supervisor), Bonnie Blackledge (clerk), Dick Davies (treasurer), Deb Diepenhorst and Diane Jones (trustees). For the past several years, these officials have been exemplary servants to our community. These representatives have been extremely financially responsible; holding their own salaries steady while increasing employee contribution to their healthcare plans. The clerk and treasurer positions have been reduced to part-time hours, which results in a savings of $19,000 annually. Our community has continued to flourish, and under their leadership the fire barn expansion was completed and no additional debt was accrued by the township. A comprehensive plan for sewer maintenance is underway, including an ongoing improvement project for lift stations. Ninety percent of the engineering costs for the lift stations was obtained from a state grant, and further funding is being pursued at a low 2.5 percent interest rate through bonds. Thanks to a conservative spending approach, Cannon Township has increased its fund balance by almost $500,000 in the last two budgets.

Rather than just hoping for the best, these people come to work every day and carefully plan and strategize to achieve these impressive results. Such dedicated board members are what separates a thriving township like our own from an unsuccessful one.

Marjorie Remmelts
Cannon Township resident

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