Honest commitment to Cannon Township


Honest commitment to Cannon township

Dear Editor,

There are over 100 volunteers who serve Cannon Township. They serve on the road, sewer, law enforcement, cemetery and recreation committees. Some serve on the Bear Creek Watershed Council, participate in our biannual stream study, or help with Waterfest. Many volunteer to help keep the Cannon Trail clean. Some serve as precinct inspectors (election workers).

If you wish to be involved in Cannon Township, there are many ways to help. In my opinion, these residents who give of their time to make things better in Cannon Township are the ones who are truly committed to Cannon.

Bonnie Shupe Blackledge
Cannon Township Clerk

Reader supports Carozza for Cannon Township Board

Dear Editor,

My comments regard printed comments in last week’s Squire, which ended with “that’s integrity?” in regards to Ken Carozza and another candidate.

I have known Ken for many years as a neighbor and been in a small group from church with him and his wife, where he served as group leader. I’ve known him to give wise council and conduct himself with integrity.

It was said: “only a few [of his] endorsers live in Cannon Township.” His list of 123 campaign endorsers includes 83 from Cannon Township. He also brings a wide variety of business experience, including Instructor in Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Business Ethics at Cornerstone University, besides being a pastor.

Ron Jacobson
Cannon Township resident

Carozza responds to reader letter

Dear Editor,

In response to Mr. Jon Coretti’s critique of July19, I would like to say that I am honored by the endorsements of U.S. Senate candidate Randy Hekman, Grand Rapids Community College trustees Dick Stewart and Rich Ryskamp, M.D., as well as former State Rep. Jack Horton. It appears Mr. Coretti fails to grasp the nature of endorsements. It is not necessary for an endorser to be in the same voting district in order to confer approbation. This is common practice in local, state and national races. But more revealing is Mr. Corretti’s charge that my commit2cannon.org website endorsement list includes “only a few” that live in Cannon Township. Over 80 Cannon Township residents are listed as endorsers on my webpage, which is more than “a few” and easily verified. Thank you for publishing this correction.

Ken Carozza
Candidate for Cannon Township Clerk

Cannon Township Board: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’

Dear Editor,

We have all heard and used the phrases: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” and, “Leave well enough alone!” to suggest that any attempt to correct or modify what is already working well should be avoided.

These phrases are particularly apt when applied to the majority of the Cannon Township Board. During their recent terms, Steve Grimm, Bonnie Blackledge, Deb Diepenhorst, Diane Jones and Dick Davies have consistently demonstrated devoted and competent attention to the needs and wishes of the township’s residents. Their accomplishments, too numerous to catalogue here, can be reviewed on the township’s website, www.cannontwp.org, by clicking “Township Board” under the “Home” tab. I would encourage you to do so, and then to vote for these incumbents, as well as for Mike Warmbier, who shares their goals and governmental philosophies.

Change, simply for the sake of change, is always a mistake.

 Mark H. Verwys

LaPeer endorses Alles for treasurer

Dear Editor,

As retiring Treasurer of Cannon Township, I am pleased to endorse Mr. Jim Alles to be the new township treasurer for the next four years. His opponent, Mr. Dick Davies, is a fine gentleman whom I have known for years. But today’s treasurer’s office has become a highly complex operation with extensive use of electronic spreadsheets, ACH transfers, wire transfers, and other computerized state-of-the-art EFT techniques. I believe Mr. Alles to be much better prepared to handle the daily hands-on requirements of today’s 21st century office. I would also add that Mr. Alles has recently received the endorsements of four other township treasurers: Jim Townsend (Alpine) and Jerry Davis (Courtland) along with Jim Stover (former Plainfield) and Mary Carpenter (retired-Cascade)—a sure indication that experienced treasurers consider Mr. Alles to be well qualified.

Additionally in this election, I would strongly recommend to voters that it is time to elect new leadership to the township board. In my opinion, over the last 18 months the board has regressed into one where five of seven board members almost always vote together as a block with little or no discussion on the issues. This has resulted in some rather peculiar board votes, such as “eliminating noise limits will provide better control of noise” and, “play-now, pay-later for sewer construction is good fiscal stewardship.” Frankly, I think the township deserves better than this. Please cast your votes wisely.

James A. LaPeer

Past actions speak volumes

Dear Editor,

The Lake Bella Vista Improvement Association (LBVIA) is rightfully proud of its water system, which we have paid for with non-tax funds. It is recognized as one of the finest small water systems in the state. In 1999, using township tax dollars and without prior approval of the Cannon Township Board, the township supervisor, Jim Alles, presented to a shocked and surprised community an extensive engineering plan to form a Cannon Township Community Water System; the main basis of which was to be our LBVIA water system. I know, because I was the president of the LBVIA board of directors that led an effort to stop Mr. Alles short of his self-proclaimed legacy for the future. We successfully stopped this takeover, first with a LBVIA resolution (99-29) and secondly with a combined effort to vote Mr. Alles out of office.

Township boards are not run like businesses. The duties of each member are prescribed by statutory law. Our incumbent township board, under the leadership of Steve Grimm, follows the letter of the law. All projects are researched and voted on before the fact. Their accomplishments are many and they have stated that they have no interest in taking our water system.

Today we have seven candidates (including Alles) wanting to displace six members of the present board. I am concerned, as all Cannon Township residents should be, that only two of the candidates have township board experience. I received a brochure that touted how their “family values” slate would run things differently. Hmm… Seems like things have been going very smoothly so far with the present board. Experience is important, and I would not like so many challengers to be learning on the job.

On August 7, 2012, please support the candidacies of Cannon Township Supervisor Steve Grimm, Clerk Bonnie Shupe Blackledge, Treasurer Dick Davies, and trustees Deb Diebenhorst, Diane Jones and Mike Warmbier. These are people with proven integrity and a real commitment to the people of Cannon Township.

Dr. Paul JorgensenFormer president of Lake Bella Vista Improvement Association
Rockford resident

Cannon challengers try to create controversy where there is none

Dear Editor,

My name is Don Kurylowicz and I come to this election with very unique perspective. As a business owner in Cannonsburg, I have interacted with every township board since 1983.

Not taking away from any of the good individuals that served in the past 30 years, I must speak out and say as a whole the present is the best township board our community has seen. This board is made up of individuals that represent every aspect of Cannon Township. They challenge each other to arrive at the best solution for the whole community. They may not always agree, and that is a good point. It shows they are looking at each item brought before them as individuals, who thoroughly and deliberately review the item to reach the best conclusion. They have no hidden agenda; they do their discussions in the public eye.

I’ve watched over the past few months a few individuals trying to throw a red herring to create a controversy where there is no real controversy. Steve Grimm and the rest of the board have done a very good job in balancing the budget, by first cutting their wages before services. Although state funds have been short, the present board has strived to improve our community and quality of life. Bonnie Blackledge has looked to federal and other grants to maintain the environment and to construct our nature trails. Dick Davies as chair of the road committee has overseen the upgrade and resurfacing of many of the roads in Cannon. Cannon Township is a well-run government. We do not need nor can afford to have a wholesale change.

The slate opposing is comprised of a few individuals who have very little experience in township government. In fact, several of the candidates have not participated in any aspect of township government. Voters should question why seven individuals all march to the same tune, all market themselves as one. Their campaign speaks to a George Orwell quote. Orwell said that political prose was formed “to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

When you go to the polls on August 7, let us show this board that they have your vote of confidence.

Finally, something that myself and a few others have stated for the 30 years. No matter how the election turns out, let us remember, “We must agree to disagree and still be friends.” With that thought in our hearts we will have the best community. Thank you for your time.

Don Kurylowicz
Owner of Honey Creek Inn, Cannonsburg Bottle, Cannonsburg Grist Mill

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