Public invited to museum informational meeting

As progress continues toward the creation of a new Rockford Area Museum (RAM), members of the Rockford Area Historical Society (RAHS) are seeing that interest in the project is growing tremendously. Instead of encountering people who are surprised to learn that Rockford even has a museum, as has often happened in the past, RAHS members are now being approached by people who have questions about the new museum. The questions include: Exactly where is the new museum located? When will the new museum open? What will it be like? Will it be open more often than the current museum? What services will it offer? Who will operate it?

The answers to those great questions and many others are very encouraging, and the RAHS is anxious to share those answers with the entire community.

What began as the dream of a few of your dedicated neighbors is now becoming a reality for the entire Rockford area. The huge challenge that began just about a year ago has been met head on. The pieces of the gigantic puzzle are falling into place and RAHS wants to share the excitement of what this new museum will mean to us all.

To accomplish that, the RAHS will have a meeting on Thursday, Sept. 6 at 7 p.m. at the Community Cabin at which information about the entire new museum project will be presented. All area residents and business people are invited to attend. The Community Cabin is located at 220 N. Monroe, just south of Lewis St.

The meeting will feature a short presentation about how the topic of a new museum began, and how plans for the new museum have been, and are, progressing. Information about what the community can expect from their new museum will also be provided. The meeting will be kept as brief as possible. Refreshments will be served.

This will be the perfect opportunity for area residents who have questions, to get them answered, and also for residents to share their thoughts about what they would like their new museum to be like.

The excitement is building. The RAHS is working with a highly respected museum designer who intends to make our new museum his signature piece for small city museums. It will include innovative, new exhibits and interactive opportunities for visitors of all ages. In true Rockford tradition, our new museum promises to be the standard of excellence for small city museums everywhere. This city and its people deserve nothing less.

Like any successful venture, the new museum will be the result of the blending of the ideas and efforts of many people. No small group can succeed at a project of this size and this importance without utilizing the views and talents of the people whom it will serve.

The best way to share the exciting news about the new RAM, and get your input, is for you to attend this meeting.

Mark the date on your calendar: Thursday, Sept. 6, at 7 p.m.

Meet the people who are spearheading this project and get the answers to the questions that so many of you have been asking. Bring your friends, neighbors and kids. They all have a stake in this exciting new museum. Whether you are a longtime resident, or one of the many people who have chosen Rockford as their home more recently, you are invited to be part of what is happening.

A tagline for the new museum project has been the very accurate statement: “They saw the future. We honor the past.” Now, however, we are also moving forward with plans for a facility that will be a source of pride for all of us as we not only honor the past, but celebrate and preserve the present for the Rockford generations of the future.

For additional information, or to see how you may be able to be involved in this exciting project, please call (616) 866-0530 or (616) 485-4144.

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