Letter to the Editor

Vote no on the 25×25 ballot proposal

Squire Editor;

I can appreciate the fact that Mr. Dan Vos of Vos Energy would devote his entire September 20th column to support the “25×2025” proposal, since he and his business would be the eventual recipients and winners of renewable energy alternatives.

The “funding” for this proposal, if it passes, is not going to come from a magical money tree or “big money” as he likes to make reference to. The money will come from each and every individual, household & business in Michigan in the form of a surcharge, some hidden and perhaps not so hidden. An example of the latter is the “EO” (energy optimization) surcharge I see on my electric bill every month. In the last 12 months I paid $40.47 to support PA 295, passed in 2006, to achieve the mandate that 10% of energy produced in Michigan comes from renewable resources. Increasing that 10% to 25% may double or possible triple our “EO contribution.”

The price tag to achieve this goal has been placed at 12 billion and that does not include the new transmission lines needed as well as back up sources of energy when those renewable source based plants are unable to produce electricity because of cloud cover or lack of steady winds.

Lastly, special interests should not attempt to amend our State Constitution to pass independent laws… in this case, the Constitution should not be amended to enact special interest energy policy proposals.

I strongly urge a NO VOTE on proposal #3 20×2025.

Tom Wybranowski

Bois Blanc Island, MI

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