“Our Goal is Your Success”


Principal, Crestwood Elementary

Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year! It has certainly been a fantastic start. It always amazes me that, with all the difficult things we read surrounding the education profession, when our students come back to school, everything seems right in the world! I look forward to working with parents and community members and seeing the growth and maturation of all of our students this year!

Rockford Public Schools takes great pride in the academic success of our students. The quote, “Our goal is your success” rings true from the first day a child sets foot into one of our buildings until they leave after high school graduation. Our district takes pride in the fact that we have programs in place to help students succeed. One such program, the Student Assistance Team, is a positive and beneficial resource for parents and students.

The Student Assistance Team, or S.A.T., is a district-wide, building intervention program that meets on a weekly basis to hold discussions regarding students and their individual needs. This team is comprised of building counselors/behavior interventionists, social workers, school psychologists, teacher consultants and school administrators. It is a valuable channel for teachers and parents to access when they begin to notice students struggling in the school environment. Issues such as academic struggle, anxiety, depression, absenteeism, or substance abuse are valid concerns that are communicated to S.A.T.

The mission of the Student Assistance Team is to investigate the situation, gather data from parents/teachers and, through collective collaboration, implement strategies and interventions. The ultimate goal is that the student will respond in a positive manner and achieve the highest success possible. There are literally hundreds of proven strategies and interventions that can be implemented. If, after careful evaluation, an intervention is not working, the team will reconvene and delicately implement another. On occasion, students are affected from situations that occur outside of the school setting. The S.A.T. team can be helpful in this regard as well, due to the fact there is a network between S.A.T. and several agencies that offer a variety of services ranging from counseling, educations/psychological evaluations or family services.

The important factor is that the student has constant support with proven methods.

It is definitely a privilege to work with all the professionals on the team. Each member of S.A.T. truly has the passion and expertise to make a positive difference in a student’s life. If you have any questions about the Student Assistance Team or you feel that your child could benefit from this process, please contact the administration at your school so action can be taken in a timely manner.

As always, THANK YOU for your continued support of Rockford Public Schools and its many programs that will ultimately help us reach our common goal: the success of our students!


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